Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Winter Wonderland

Overnight, we went from bare ground to several inches of snow. The kids bundled up this morning and the youngest finally got to wear her new boots. Ah, the excitement. My oldest daughter is ecstatic and is just hoping it sticks around until Christmas. I'm doubtful. White Christmases around here seem to be getting more and more rare.

I'm the lucky one. I get to stay home and try to keep warm. The heat goes up and the sweaters and blankets come out. It really is a battle, since once that first bone deep chill settles in, I'll be cold until April. I spend the day mopping the tile by the front door every time someone comes in, because the puddles are awfully slippery. There is also the constant hunt for mittens and scarves. Then it is the search for ice skates and wondering why the kids feet can't fit the skates for more than one season.

If a chinook doesn't blow its warm winds through and melt everything before the weekend, I imagine the kids will pull out the toboggans and sleds. The sledding hill will be covered with children and parents will be home putting on the kettle for another round of hot chocolate.

And me - my favorite thing to do is sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket and look out my front window at the snow quietly drifting to the ground. I love the iridescent glitter that covers my front lawn and makes the world seem peaceful and clean. I can do without the cold but the beauty of the season makes up for it somehow.


A. Riley said...

We had the first snowstorm of the season here too. Except it was very little and didn't stick at all. But it was fun to see the snow.

I also love to snuggle with my blanket and drink hot chocolate. This year I have a digital piano and it is facing the big picture window. Now I can play the piano while watching the snowfall.

Sigh.... I hate the cold weather, but love the snow.

Ajoy said...

Beautiful! Glad that I can 'visit' snow rather then live in it. Me and cold don't mix. :O But I love to play in it at times and watch my children's faces as they see and enjoy its slendor.

If it snows up north in Flagstaff- we will head up to have a fun snow day.

My, my have been busy blogging as I have been resting. Impressive! I will scroll down to read the rest tomorrow. I look forward to reading what your hubby wrote. :)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I love watching it snow, too -- it brings my spirit back into a state of calm.

I also like turning off all the lights but the ones on the Christmas tree and just listening to the house be quiet. After it is quiet, that is. When everyone's asleep. :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

a. riley-I don't enjoy the cold and wish I could find another way to stay warm for the next six months. I've discovered that my laptop is a real blessing in that department. It puts out a lot of heat.

ajoy-That is the reason my brother lives in Arizona. He thinks we are all crazy to live where it is so cold. I think he's crazy to live were it gets so hot.

Tristi-I love to sit in a quiet room with the Christmas tree lights glowing, but I can't do that for a few weeks yet as I refuse to have anything less than a real tree.

Julie Wright said...

I hate cold but love the beauty f it as well. I think sometimes it would be nice to live in a place where the temerature was even but then . . . all that I would miss! This was as beautiful as the season itself. Thanks

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks Julie

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