Saturday, 3 November 2007

Liar, Liar - tagged again

Carol and Traci both tagged me with a this one. I am supposed to tell you three truths about myself and one lie. You have to guess which one is the lie.

#1 - When I was in grade six I was picked as one of four students from my grade to participate in a local spelling Bee. To determine which members of the class would go, we took a one hundred word spelling test in class one day. I managed to misspell the word "off" ("of" is close enough isn't it?). But when it came time to spell in front of the cameras, I was in my element. I spelled every word correctly and helped take my team to the provincial spell-off, which we also won.

#2 - I once organized a beauty pageant. I was responsible for registration, making sure the entry forms were filled out properly and eligibility requirements were met. I also took care of the talent portion of the show and prizes. You can't imagine how relieved I felt when the whole thing went off without a hitch.

#3 - My daughter is the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter, who is the daughter of an oldest daughter, and so in for seven generations. There are twenty years between each of the generations. When I was expecting my daughter, we chose not to find out whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. My mother looked at me and without hesitation said, of course it would be a girl. Tradition you know.

#4 - I live in Southern Alberta. I have traveled all over Utah, Montana, California, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, and even the U.S. Virgin Islands. But I have never been north of Calgary, which is only 150 miles north of my home.

So which one is the lie? Because it is the weekend, I'll wait until next Thursday before I give the answer.


Traci Hunter Abramson said...

I'm guessing no. 2. Of course, it is just a guess!

Karlene said...

I"m guessing #2 as well. #3 is just too weird not to be true.

Don said...

I'm going to pick #1 - don't ask me why.

Is there anything north of Calgary?

Julie Wright said...

I'm picking three though I was leaning towards jumping on the bandwagon and picking two.

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