Saturday, 10 November 2007

Answers to Liar tag

Here are the answers to the Liar, Liar tag I posted last week.

#1 - FALSE: This is only partially true. I did have the opportunity to be on a television show called "Spelling Bee", and I did misspell the word "off" on the test that qualified us to go. We didn't win though. I remember misspelling the word "sweet" and spelling "sweat" instead.

#2 - TRUE: I once organized a beauty pageant when I was a teenager. My best friend and I organized a pageant for the little girls in the neighborhood. After the pageant (which we held in my friends back yard - all the parents came) we made a float and entered it in our town's annual parade. The float won first place.

#3 - TRUE: My daughter is the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter, who is the daughter of an oldest daughter, and so in for seven generations. There are twenty years between each of the generations. When I was expecting my daughter, we chose not to find out whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. My mother looked at me and without hesitation said, of course it would be a girl. Tradition you know. As odd as this is, it is absolutely true. I'm certainly not encouraging her to get married that young.

#4 - TRUE: I am more traveled in the U.S. than my home country of Canada. Most people here can't believe I have never been to our province's capital, Edmonton.

So that makes Don the winner as he was the only one to guess #1.


Davis Bigelow said...

That 7 generation thing is cool. It must be the water you guys drink...? :o glug glug glug.. :)

Amy said...

It's okay that you mis-spelled the word "Sweet". Tory sometimes writes me notes and will accidentally put "Hey Sweaty" instead of the other. Good laughs.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Might be the water. Might also explain why there are so many twins in town.

Thanks Amy. I needed a good laugh.

Don said...

WooHoo! That makes me 3 for 4 on these Liar memes now.

Which is strange, because historically I've been a very gullible person. Hmmm.

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