Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 Eligible Books for the Whitney Awards

Last year I didn't post a list of books eligible to be nominated for the Whitney awards. Honestly, I didn't have the time and didn't think it was used by anyone but me. But a few people did ask where the list had gone. They consulted it regularily and missed having it available. So it's back. Again, I don't know how many people will really look at it, but it is useful to me.

One thing I find interesting to is to see how large the list has grown compared to the first year I posted it. The list in 2007 was 96 books long. It is the middle of April and already the list is over a hundred books. My final list for 2011 was 186 books long. It's great to see more and more LDS authors getting their work published and getting their names out there.

If you know of an LDS author who has had a book published this year and should be on the list, let me know in the comment section. If you have a suggestion on the type of format you'd like to see the list in, I'd appreciate that as well. Happy reading!

  1. Abramson, Traci Hunter - Deep Cover
  2. Allen, N.C. - Isabelle Webb: The Grecian Princess
  3. Alsop, Cheree - Hunter
  4. Alsop, Cheree - Keeper of the Wolves
  5. Alsop, Cheree - Small Town Superhero
  6. Anderson, Christie - Ambrosia Shore
  7. Anderson, Laura - The Boleyn King
  8. Anderson, Rachael - Working It Out
  9. Argyle, Amber - The Winter Queen
  10. Argyle, Michelle Davidson - Pieces
  11. Ashton, Brodi - Everbound
  12. Ashworth, Heidi - Lord Haversham Takes Command
  13. Autrey, Clover - Highland Moon Sifter
  14. Baccellia, Kim - No More Goddessess
  15. Banks, Alex - Jump Boys: SOS
  16. Bateman, Marlene - Motive for Murder
  17. Bell, Braden - Penumbras
  18. Belliston, Rebecca - Augustina
  19. Bellon, Julie Coulter - Ashes Ashes
  20. Bennett, Cindy C. - Rapunzel Untangled
  21. Bennett, Cindy C. - The Unmasking of Cinderella
  22. Bennett, Cindy C. - The White Swan
  23. Bennett, Cindy C. - Watched
  24. Bennett, Cindy C, Sherry Gammon, Jeffrey Moore - The Experiment
  25. Bennett, Cindy C, Jeffery Moore - Whispers of Razari
  26. Berry, Joshua - Culpability and Absolution
  27. Bradford, Charity - The Magic Wakes
  28. Branton, Teyla - The Change
  29. Branton, Teyla - The Cure
  30. Brooks, Mikey - The Dream Keeper
  31. Bryant, Kristin - The Others
  32. Camp, Shannen Crane - Pwnd
  33. Card, Orson Scott & Johnston, Aaron - Earth Afire
  34. Card, Orson Scott - The Gate Thief
  35. Carroll, Stacy Lynn - The Princess Sisters
  36. Carter, Stephen - The Hand of Glory
  37. Cechini, Annie Laurie - Liberty
  38. Checketts, Cami - The Broken Path
  39. Checketts, Cami - Poison Me
  40. Checketts, Cami - Running Home
  41. Christiansen, Cindy A. - Seeds of Survival
  42. Clark, Jennifer J. - The Knight of Redmond
  43. Clark, Platte F. - Bad Unicorn
  44. Clawson, Emily Gray - A Way Back to You
  45. Clegg, Jaleta - Poisened Pawn
  46. Cole, Frank L. - Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-Tastrophe
  47. Collings, Michaelbrent - Blood Relations: A Good Mormon Girl Mystery
  48. Collings, Michaelbrent - The Colony: Genesis
  49. Collings, Michaelbrent - Darkbound
  50. Collings, MIchaelbrent - Strangers
  51. Cross, Ali - Personal Demons
  52. Daines, Julie - A Blind Eye
  53. Daybell, Chad - Martial Law
  54. Dayley, Susan - Cold Pursuit
  55. Duncan, Thom - Moroni Smith: In Search of the Gold Plates
  56. Durbin, M.R. - Swords of Joseph
  57. Durfee, Jody Wind - Hadley-Hadley Benson
  58. Dye, Anna del C. - Shahira & the Flying Elfs
  59. Eden, Sarah M. - Drops of Gold
  60. Eden, Sarah M. - Glimmer of Hope
  61. Eden, Sarah M. - Longing for Home
  62. Elkins, Russell - Sparks the Matchmaker
  63. Ernst, Tim - The Python Steps
  64. Evans, M. J. - Mists of Darkness-Book Two of the Mist Trilogy
  65. Evans, M. J. - North Mystic
  66. Evans, Richard Paul - A Step of Faith
  67. Ferguson, Sam - The Dragon's Champion
  68. Fixsen, Jaima - Fairchild
  69. Flynn, Sandra Norton - Be Mine
  70. Ford, Jamie - Songs of Willow Frost
  71. Ford, Julie N. - Replacing Gentry
  72. Ford, S.R. - The Elements and the Exodus
  73. Fowers, Stephanie - Twisted Tales #3: As the Sun Sets
  74. Fowers, Stephanie - Twisted Tales #2: At Midnight
  75. Fowers, Stephanie - Twisted Tales #1: With a Kiss
  76. Frost, Heather - Guardians
  77. Gamon, Sherry - Unbelievable
  78. George, Jessica Day - Wednesdays in the Tower
  79. Gilchrist, Amber - Into Darkness Peering
  80. Giles, Nichole - Descendant
  81. Green, Betsy Brannon - Proceed With Caution
  82. Gunderson, Phyllis - The Mounds Anomaly
  83. Guymon, Shannon - A Trusting Heart
  84. Guymon, Shannon - Do Over
  85. Guymon, Shannon - I Belong With You
  86. Guymon, Shannon - Unbelievable
  87. Guymon, Shannon - You Belong with Me
  88. Haberkorn, Jim - A Thousand Suns
  89. Hall, Vickie - Journey of Promise
  90. Hansen, Jennie - Where Once the River Flowed
  91. Harman, Terri - Blood Moon
  92. Harrison, Mette Ivie - The Princess and the Wolf
  93. Harrison, Mette Ivie - The Rose Throne
  94. Hawkes, Jaclyn M. - Above Rubies
  95. Hickman, Tracy & Laura - Swept Up by the Sea
  96. Higgins, Marie - Waiting for You
  97. Hoagland, Maria - Family Size
  98. Horrocks, Heather - Kissing Santa
  99. Hughes, Dean - Through Cloud and Sunshine
  100. Hunt, Darvell - A Bird with No Name
  101. Jacobson, Melanie - Second Chances
  102. James, Jenni - Cinderella
  103. James, Jenni - Hansel and Gretel
  104. James, Jenni - Jack and the Beanstalk
  105. James, Jenni - Rumplestiltskin
  106. James, Jenni - Snow White
  107. Jamison, Rebecca H. - Emma: A Latter-day Tale
  108. Jareki, Amy - Chihuahua Momma
  109. Jensen, Cecilia and Stanford A. Carmack - Joseph: A Stalwart Witness
  110. Jensen, Krista Lynne - The Orchard
  111. Johansson, J.R. - Insomnia
  112. John, Rachelle - What Not to Say When You're Running Away
  113. Johnson, Elana - Abandon
  114. Jones, Pauline Baird - Relatively Risky
  115. Junus, Anna Maria - Thimble Fingers
  116. Junus, Anna Maria - Witches Brew Ha-Ha
  117. Justeson, Heather - Pistols & Pies
  118. Kelly, Carla - The Double Cross
  119. Kelly, Carla - Safe Passage
  120. Kersey, Christine - Gone
  121. Kersey, Christine - Imprisoned
  122. Kilpack, Josi S. - Baked Alaska
  123. Kilpack, Josi S. - Rocky Road
  124. Kilpack, Josi S. - Shannon's Hope
  125. Kirby, Robert - Brigham's Bees
  126. Klinger, Erin - Secrets
  127. Krey, Kimberly - Cassie's Cowboy Crave
  128. Kurland, Lynn - Roses in Moonlight
  129. Larson, Lynne - In the Shadow of an Angel
  130. Larsen, W. Thor - Insecta: Zombie Queen
  131. Latas, Jennifer - Fall
  132. Lavering, Ashley - Star Cursed
  133. Leafty, Danyelle - Of Wind and Water
  134. Leafty, Danyelle - The Trouble with Toads
  135. Leigh, Cheryl - Putting Down the Pieces
  136. Lemon, Melissa - Blue Sky
  137. Little, Kimberly Griffiths - When the Butterflies Came
  138. Lofthouse, Angie - Ripped and Other Adventures
  139. Low, Dene - Crimson Blues
  140. Low, Dene - The Wildest Waste
  141. Lyon, Annette - Coming Home
  142. Martinson, Tyrean - Champion: In the Darkness
  143. Martinson, Tyrean - Dragonfold and Other Adventures
  144. Matthews, Jean Holbrook - Safe Haven
  145. McClellan, Brian - Promise of Blood
  146. McClellan, Rachel - Fractured Soul
  147. McClure, Marcia Lynn - The Pirate Ruse
  148. McCollum, Jordan - Mr. Nice Spy
  149. Mickelson, Marcia - The Huaca
  150. Moncur, Misty - Fight for You
  151. Monson, Adrienne - Dissension
  152. Moore, H.B. - Esther the Queen
  153. Moore, H.B. - Finding Sheba
  154. Moore, Heather B. - Heart of the Ocean
  155. Morgan, J. Lloyd - The Zealous Star
  156. Morris, Chad - Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor's Secret
  157. Mull, Brandon - Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy
  158. Mull, Brandon - Spirit Animals: Wild Born
  159. Nelson, Darrel - The Return of Cassandra Todd
  160. Nelson, Kelly - The Keeper's Quest
  161. Nielson, Jennifer A. - The Runaway King
  162. Norton, Preston - Blud and Magick
  163. Novak, Brenda - Home to Whiskey Creek
  164. Novak, Brenda - When Summer Comes
  165. Olsen, Erik - Raggleroot
  166. Oram, Kelly - Chameleon
  167. Ostler, Heather - The Siren's Secret
  168. Park, Greg - Sividious Stark and the Stadium Between Worlds
  169. Patten, E.J. - The Legend Thief
  170. Pearson, Andrea - Rise of Keitus (Kilenya #4)
  171. Pehrson, Elise - Forever Fair
  172. Perkins, Luisa & Jared Adair - The Book of Jer3miah: Premonition
  173. Perry, Jolene & Janna Watts - 3 Sides to a Circle
  174. Perry, Jolene & Nyrie Dawn - Out of Play
  175. Perry, Jolene - Manipulation
  176. Perry, Jolene - Seeker
  177. Peterson, Kathi Oram - Wanted
  178. Pickett, Anola - Whisper Island
  179. Pike, Aprilynne - Earth Bound
  180. Pike, Aprilynne - Life After Theft
  181. Pike, Aprilynne - One More Day
  182. Pinkston, Tristi - Till Death Do Us Part
  183. Poulson, Clair M. - Checking Out
  184. Poulson, Clair - Framed
  185. Pratt, Sheralyn - Unpleasant Grove
  186. Proctor, Jenny - The House at Rose Creek
  187. Rapier, Ryan - The Reluctant Blogger
  188. Rohrer, M. Ann - Mattie
  189. Sanderson, Brandon - The Rithmatist
  190. Sanderson, Brandon and Robert Jordan - A Memory of Light
  191. Savage, J. Scott - Farworld: Air Keep
  192. Savage, Jeffrey S. - Dark Memories
  193. Sears, Gale - Belonging to Heaven
  194. Shelley, Rebecca Lyn - Aos Si
  195. Slack, Mandi Tucker - Tide Ever Rising
  196. Smurthwaite, Donald S. - Road to Bountiful
  197. Sowards, A.L. - Sworn Enemy
  198. Stastny, Charissa - Secret Keepers
  199. Swedin, Eric G. - Seeking Valhalla
  200. Taylor, Keary - The Bane
  201. Taylor, Keary - The Human
  202. Taylor, Taryn A. - Firegirl: part one
  203. Taylor, Taryn A. - Firegirl: part two
  204. Thayne, RaeAnne - Current Creek Valley
  205. Thayne, RaeAnne - Willowleaf Lane
  206. Thomas, Candace J - Vivatera
  207. Tullis, Heather - SEALed with Love
  208. Tullis, Heather - Reclaiming His Bride
  209. Vandagriff, G.G. - Rescuing Rosalind
  210. Vasicek, Joe - Stars of Blood and Glory
  211. Wagner, Mckenzie - Benotropia: The Stones of Horsh
  212. Warburton, Carol Thayne - Poaching Daisies
  213. Wardell, Jennifer - Fairy Godmothers, Inc.
  214. Warnock, Caleb &; Betsy Schow - Trouble's on the Menu: A Tippy Canoe Romp
  215. Washburn, The Brothers (Berk and Andy) - Pitch Green
  216. Weaver, Donna K. - A Change of Plans
  217. Wells, Dan - Fragments
  218. West, Kasie - The Distance Between Us 
  219. West, Kasi - Pivot Point
  220. Westover, Steve - Crater Lake: Return of the Mystic Gray
  221. Wheeler, Jeff - Fireblood
  222. Whipple, Natalie - Transparent
  223. White, Doreen - The Emerald Ring
  224. White, Karey - My Own Mr. Darcy
  225. White, Kiersten - The Chaos of Stars
  226. White, Kiersten - Mind Games
  227. Wiggins, Bethany - Stung
  228. Workman, RaShelle - Blood and Snow
  229. Workman, RaShelle - Cindy Witch
  230. Workman, RaShelle - Touching Melody
  231. Wymore, James - Exacting Essence
*I won't vouch for the content of any of these books. Though the authors are all LDS, there are still some books with language and content that may make some LDS readers uncomfortable.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To Teach = To Learn

Yesterday, I began teaching an adult education course in my community. Though it was a small group, we had good discussion on what makes story and on creating strong characters.

I love to teach. Being able to talk about something I love, to people who are interested in learning what I know is satisfying. What I love the most is how much I learn from researching, formulating my thoughts, and sharing my excitement. Some of the things we talked about, I do without thinking, so it was great to be able to break it down for others. It is helping me to look at my own set of skills and find ways to improve them.

It has been too long since I have written anything. I keep finding excuses -- weddings, kids starting university, several trips. Really, all the excuses in the world mean nothing. What I am really suffering from is a lack of confidence. I think we all come across this in some form or another. For me, it has been rather debilitating.

I continue to wonder if my time would be better spent elsewhere, but I always come back to wanting to tell the next story. That's why this class is good for me. It is making me examine writing closely again. It is getting the ideas percolating in my brain and making my fingers itch for the keyboard.

So I hope my students benefit from the class and are glad they signed up, but in the long run, I think I will receive the greatest benefit of all.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Weddings

What do you get when you send two daughters to BYU-I at the same time? That's right! Two weddings in five weeks and a crazy summer to go with it. Our house was so swamped with wedding decorations, food, dresses, and guests, that I didn't even give writing a thought for much too long.

Our first wedding took place at the end of July. My daughter wanted me to make her dress. That took countless hours as we drafted a pattern, hunted on the internet for the perfect lace, and hand pieced all that lace together. There were way too many nights when I would tuck my family into their beds and then stay up until 3:30 am, sewing lace. It was worth it to see how much she loved the dress. My daughter spent days baking cakes for the reception and my sister did an amazing job on the decorations. With help from every member of the family, we managed to get everything put together in time for the big day.

The night before the wedding, I received a phone call asking if the temple had called and cancelled. Puzzled, I asked, "Why on earth would they do that?" I found out that there had been a hailstorm in Cardston earlier that evening with tennis ball size hailstones. There had been a lot of damage at the temple. My aunt and uncle and the best man had been staying in Cardston that night. Their cars were totalled as were hundreds of other vehicles in Cardston. (If you want to watch a crazy video of the storm, follow this link.) When we arrived at the temple the next morning, there was crushed glass all over the parking lot from smashed windshields. It made for interesting wedding pictures since the lawns of the temple were covered with broken branches and leaves.
 My three children: yes, they are all taller than me and I am wearing 4" heals!
(You can see all the broken branches and leaves on the lawn.)

The wedding went off without a hitch and we were happy to welcome our new son-in-law to the family. Since he is from Arizona, they decided to hold an open house there so that all his friends and family who couldn't make it to Canada could wish them well. Of course, I wasn't going to miss that, so three days after the wedding my husband, youngest daughter, and I headed south. We spent ten days in the U.S. enjoying the crazy 116 degree weather in Arizona and spending time with family.

Once we got back, it was on to my step-daughter's wedding. We didn't do as much planning for this one, we just wrote all the cheques. I sewed two of the bridesmaid dresses and we helped get the decorations up, but for me it was a much more relaxed event.

It was fun to see the girls' personalities come out in their dresses and decorations. All in all, it was a good summer, but I'm glad that the next daughter is only fifteen!

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