Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canda Day

Happy Canada Day!

Today we went to the parade and then ended up in Lethbridge helping my mother-in-law mop up her basement. It started raining about early in the afternoon and everything was flooded quite quickly. I guess the heavens opened and it just dumped. Luckily she didn't get as much water as some of her neighbors and it was a pretty quick clean up. Whether the fireworks go off tonight still remains to be seen.

I also managed to write 2633 words on the first day of Tristi's challenge. With my goal of 500 words per day, that puts me four days ahead. Now if I can only keep that up for the next few days so my guests won't throw my word count out too much.


Queen of Chaos said...

I remembered Canada Day! {Only because I noticed it on my calendar yesterday.} But I thought of you, my friend up there in Canada! Does this count? haha

I'm particpating in the BIAM challenge this round! You?
I'm assuming so. Good luck! (((HUGS)))- Autumn

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Happy Canada Day! And congrats on the word count for the BIAM challenge! You go girl!

Janette Rallison said...

Wow! I'm happy if I write 1,000 a day. Great work.

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