Monday, 17 September 2007

Middle Names

I always knew that not having a middle name would be a problem someday. My dad didn’t believe girls needed a middle name. He figured we could just use our maiden name when we got married. So I don’t have a middle name and neither do any of my sisters, although we almost talked him into giving the youngest sister one, and some of us still call her by that name. And truth is, all my names are so long that I don’t use my maiden name as middle name either.

So now I’ve been tagged by ajoy over at Autumn Ables with a middle name tag. I am supposed to come up with something that describes me for each letter of my middle name. So I figure I have three options.

I could make up a middle name. I have given a lot of thought to that over the years, and I'm not sure what name I would pick. I heard once that my mom wanted to give me the middle name of Ann. Not sure I'm an Ann. Or there is always the option of using my maiden name. Again, each of my names are so long, I don't usually go there. The last option is doing what I have always done and go without one. I have gotten quite used to filling out the "middle name" space on forms with a dash.

So what does that dash say about me? I think it means I am a woman of mystery. No one really knows what goes on in my head. But if I absolutely had to describe myself, I think I would use the following words: Talented, Honest, Odd, Mommy, Soft-hearted,
Organized, Nice.

I pass this tag onto Mandi. Have fun.


Ajoy said...

Oh, you're such a hoot! I love you! Good choice.

I'm glad to get to know you Stephanie. :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

It's good someone thinks I am funny. I enjoy reading your blogs as well, ajoy.

Amy said...

What!?! Louise isn't my middle name!?!
Amy Louise(?) Savage

Stephanie Humphreys said...

oops! Thought you knew ;)

Karlene said...

I didn't get a middle name either--same reason. I don't mind it so much now, but in grade school when friends would ask and I told them I didn't have one, they always believed it was just a horribly weird name that I was too embarrassed to share.

wom said...

That would be hard with no middle name. My brother didn't have one, when he was in the navy they gave him a N for none...My other brother had a H. I guess in playing the "middle name tag" one letter would at least give you a idea what to look for, and keeping it short.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Well, at least I gave all my kids middle names :)

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