Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I Can't Wait for October

No, I am not looking forward to the weather getting colder or impending snowstorms, but I just keep thinking that October might slow down a little. (I know, who am I kidding?) It seems like this September has been crazier than in the past. Maybe it is always this busy, but I am trying to get more writing done, so I am very conscious of how little time I really get to spend on it.

Yesterday morning, it occurred to me that my youngest daughter's tenth birthday is coming up. I caught her just before she headed out the door to school and asked her if she knew what next Monday was. She didn't. Usually by this time, I have a few birthday presents purchased, we have made birthday party plans, and it is all she can think about. But, we have just been too busy.

So I keep trying to think what sort of things I can give up to buy myself a little more time. In the last six months, I have turned on the t.v. less and less. Now I hardly ever watch it, so that isn't the problem. I've contemplated giving up housework, but the health department is never a welcome visitor. Exercise is another activity I could do without, but the truth is I don't do enough of it and I am actually trying to do more. When I look at everything in a day, it seems like I just need a few extra hours.

I have thought about getting up earlier or staying up later. The only problem is that I already have to drag my poor tired bones out of bed way too early every day. And if I stay up later, it is just that much harder to move in the morning.

So I guess I will look forward to a new month and do what all writers have to do. Carve those blocks of precious writing time from the day whenever I find them. I can learn to do things in smaller chunks of time. And most of all, I can enjoy the life I have and be grateful for family and other things that keep me so busy. If I didn't have all the distractions, what would I have to write about, anyway?


Mandi said...

I hear you - sometimes it is soooo hard to find time to write, but somehow, the opportunities do present themselves, and I am learning to just appreciate them as much as I can (I hardly turn on the TV anymore as well - if only I could turnoff facebook!!!)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Life never does slow down -- it just increases its frenetic pace. I've really had to take some hard looks at my life and weed some things out -- and I'm afraid I'm going to have to limit my internet time. Sniff!

Josi said...

A few years ago when I had a house full of babies and the days just seemed to drag on and on and on, I offered my husband a few hours of my day so he could get more done, since he always seemed to have more to do than he had hours to do them. Now I would give anything for four extra hours in a day. Can you imagine all we could do with four more hours? You're right though, all we can do is keep carving, keep plugging in a few words here and there, and then of course celebrating our heads off when we meet a goal!

Rebecca Talley said...

I agree. Finding time is hard to do. Today, just when I thought I could get some writing done, I discovered our goats were out and running along the highway. I had to chase them back in and then pile up rocks to fill a hole under the fence so they wouldn't get out again. Yep, some days it's even harder than others to carve out that time.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

It sure helps to remember that we all have the same time issues. And yet look at all the wonderful books out there. If other people find the time to write, so can we.

Maria Zannini said...

>> I've contemplated giving up housework, but the health department is never a welcome visitor.

LOL! Thanks for making my day.

Traci Hunter Abramson said...

You just need to know when the lady from the health department is on vacation. Think about how much time you could find in a week without laundry and dishes to do.... Of course, then you'd probably lose those extra hours and then some trying to find your floors again!

Someday soon I'm determined to write during daylight hours and still be able to walk through the house without tripping!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Write during daylight hours...I can only imagine.

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