Friday, 7 September 2007

House of Secrets by Jeffrey S. Savage

Shandra Covington is a petite reporter who inherits her grandmother's house after her "Gam" dies. Shandra thought the house had been sold years earlier and when she returns, she finds everything in the house - nothing has been sold or moved. It looks like someone left abruptly and maybe the dead body in the upstairs bedroom might be part of the reason why. When she goes to the law for help, things start escalating, until Shandra's own life is in danger. Everyone seems to have their own agenda and Shandra isn't sure who to trust in a town that protects its secrets.

This book kept me guessing with every page. Each time I thought I had figured out where the story was going, a new twist showed up, but in the end, everything made sense. And if you like cliff-hangers, this book ends with the perfect lead in to the next book in the series. I look forward to reading more about Shandra Covington and whatever else Jeff Savage writes.

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