Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Not Funny

I was very grateful that my family forgot yesterday was April Fool's Day. My brothers used to play the most awful tricks on me - like putting a wet washcloth under my quilts so I would get into a wet bed. Not very funny, especially when they tried the same trick every year. I'm not great at thinking up jokes to play on people, so I wasn't very good at getting them back.

So anyway, yesterday passed quietly until dinner time. I walked into the living room to talk to my husband when I noticed something odd. A long crack marred the smoothness of one of the windows. I pointed it out to him and we stared at it - puzzled - for several minutes. How could it have gotten there? It was too high in the window to have been caused by the kids, and they hadn't gone in the living room all day. Still, we called them all in and asked just to be sure.When we went to bed, we decided maybe some higher power was playing a good April Fool's joke on us.

This morning, we gathered in the living room for morning prayers and my husband made show of pulling the blinds up. Of course, the crack was still there. (One can always hope). Odd that the crack would happen right on April Fool's Day. But really not funny.

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