Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Books Eligible for the 2008 Whitney Awards

I am reposting the list for the 2008 Whitney awards. It is growing and it looks like there are many interesting books for all sorts of reading interests. As always, I will keep adding to the list as I hear of new books. If you know of any books that are released in 2008 by and LDS author, let me know in the comment section and I will get them added.

  1. Abramson, Traci Hunter - Freefall
  2. Ashley, Amanda - Dead Perfect
  3. Beeson, Sam - The Unvalentine
  4. Black, Stephanie - Fool Me Twice
  5. Borrowman, Jerry - Home Again at Last
  6. Cratty, Nancy - Silhouette
  7. Dashner, James - The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters
  8. Esseltine, Chris - Caleb's Quest
  9. Ferrell, James L. - The Holy Secret
  10. Fogg, K.L. - Diamondback Cave
  11. Gallacher, Marcie & Robinson, Kerry - A Banner is Unfurled 3:Glory from on High
  12. George, Jessica Day - Dragon Flight
  13. George, Jessica Day - Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
  14. Grey, Sandra - Traitor
  15. Hale, Shannon - Rapunzel's Revenge
  16. Hallstrom, Angela - Bound on Earth
  17. Hardman, Christy - Against the Giant
  18. Haws, Annette - Waiting for the Light to Change
  19. Henham, R.D. - Red Dragon Codex
  20. Luke, Gregg - Do No Harm
  21. Kurland, Lynn - The Mage's Daughter
  22. Mace, Aubrey - Spare Change
  23. Marcum - Mary and Joseph
  24. McClure, Marcia Lynn - The Whispered Kiss
  25. McKendry, Kristen - Promise of Spring
  26. Meyer, Stephenie - Breaking Dawn
  27. Meyer, Stephenie - The Host
  28. Miller - The Lost Verses
  29. Mull, Brandon - Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
  30. Norton, Tamra - Make Me a Home
  31. Nunes, Rachel Ann - Fields of Home
  32. Owen, James A. - The Search for the Red Dragon
  33. Perry, Anne - Buckingham Palace Gardens
  34. Pinkston, Tristi - Season of Sacrifice
  35. Reid, Pamela Carrington - Shades of Gray
  36. Sanderson, Brandon - Mistborn 3: Hero of Ages
  37. Skye, Obert - Pillage
  38. Sorenson, Toni - Master
  39. Stansfield, Anita - Promise of Zion
  40. Stewart, Chris - From the End of Heaven Vol.5: The Great and Terrible
  41. Talley, Rebecca Cornish - Heaven Scent
  42. Thackeray, Christine - The Crayon Messages: a visiting teaching adventure
  43. Vandagriff, G.G. - The Arthurian Omen
  44. Weyland, Jack - As Always, Dave
  45. Winegar, Tracy - Keeping Keller
  46. Youngblood, Jennifer & Poole, Sandra - Stoney Creek, Alabama


Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm so excited to be eligible this year! Thanks for posting these lists -- it helps me keep track of books I might have missed.

RobisonWells said...

Thanks for maintaining this list, Stephanie!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I'm glad you appreciate the list. I love having a reading list for the year close at hand and I'm trying to read more of them during the year than I did last year.

Rebecca Talley said...

Yes, thanks for keeping the list. It helps me see what I need to read this year. It's really growing, too, which is great news for the LDS market.

(It's way cool seeing my name on it).

Queen of Chaos said...

Cool of you!

And I like that I can see some authors I enjoy that have new books for me to read. So many! And I'm sure there will be more added upon.

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