Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Laptop Woes

My thoughtful husband gave me a laptop for my birthday last summer and I think it was the best birthday present ever. I quickly got used to not using a standard mouse and actually prefer using the post most on my machine. It didn't take long to get the machine set up the way I wanted, downloading my favorite software (PageFour and Living Cookbook) and putting files where I could get at them quickly and easily. Another huge bonus was that my wrists and elbows bothered me less when using the laptop.

I began to wonder how I ever got anything done when I had to share a computer with the rest of the family or when I couldn't take the computer into any room in the house. Well, I'm beginning to remember. My laptop died last month and I am going through serious withdrawal. I get less done and often have to wait for my turn to come after a husband does a little work from home, and kids use it to do homework.

Meanwhile, the laptop is at the "doctor's" to see if they can figure out why it won't start up and freezes when it does. The day before it died, it started giving me problems. My husband decided we would probably have to re-install the operating system, so we took the time to transfer all my files to the family computer. Within hours of finishing this, the laptop decided not to work at all. What a relief it was to know all my files were intact and still accessible. (I have one email account that I email files to, but I hadn't done that in some time and all the work I'd been doing for boot camp at the conference was on that laptop.)

Anyway, I miss my computer and keep trying to figure out how I got a whole book written on the family computer. Still, I'm glad I don't have to write entire manuscripts with quill and ink by candlelight.


Smartphone said...

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Don said...

Oh, Stephanie - I feel your pain! Hopefully you can get your computer back soon.

I've got an old junker laptop ($25 at a school surplus sale) that I can use in emergencies. Hopefully it will get to stay in the closet unused.

Annette Lyon said...

Hope your laptop gets well soon! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my own computer, but it would probably involve throwing large objects.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

The only things I'm throwing right now are evil glances at people who ask why my word count is down. I have to fight to have time on the family computer, and I just can't get as many words in an hour when I have to write them by hand. (And who wants to take the time to count those anyway.) :)

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