Monday, 14 April 2008

The Library Should Be Off Limits

I should limit my trips to the library. It's one of my favorite places and I can spend hours looking through the books for one I haven't read that catches my interest. Lately I've been trying to stay away from the library as much as possible. Reading cuts into time I should be using for other things, especially time I should spend writing. Besides that - I'm still working my way through the books I brought back from the LDStorymakers conference.

So tonight I get a call from the library telling me that two books I had placed on hold were in. Two of the kids and I walked to the library so I could check out TWO books and I came home with SEVEN plus a few movies to keep the kids entertained while they are home from school for spring break. I'll still get the other things done that are on my list for the week but I'll just have to read twice as fast to keep up with all the reading I have planned. I can't wait.

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Annette Lyon said...

Sounds like me. Last week I went to the library to get A book for my son's school assignment. I came out with three for me.

And I have about 4 other books I'm still reading. Uh, yeah . . .

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