Saturday, 19 April 2008

Merry Christmas?

I am so tired of winter. We woke up this morning to almost 15 cm of snow, and I hear that it is supposed to keep snowing for several more days. My kids will be going back to school on Monday after a week of spring break but they keep hoping they will get a snow day and their holiday will last a little longer. Not likely, but not entirely impossible.

In April 2001, we had a huge snowstorm that closed the school down for three days. We lived on an acreage outside of town and couldn't get out of the driveway for several days until a kind gentleman in town came with his tractor and shoveled us out. The drifts were several feet high and lots of fun for the kids to play in. I love spring storms the most because the weather is fairly warm and the kids can have tons of fun playing in the sticky snow.

As much fun as a snow day would be, I'm tired of winter and wish the snow would go away. My daffodils were just starting to bloom and now they are weighted down by the snow. I hope they survive the cold. The trees are starting to bud and with a little bit of warm, there will be green everywhere. One good thing about the snow - when it melts, the grass will green quickly and everything will be bright with all the extra water. Meanwhile, I feel like I should start making fudge and get the kids to make their Christmas lists. It just seems like the right kind of weather for it.

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