Tuesday, 4 March 2008

She's not a little girl anymore...

Tonight, my husband and I attended a program put on by my oldest daughter's Young Women's group. It was a nice evening with lovely spiritual moments and several funny incidents. My daughter spoke and did a great job. I was very proud of her, as I always am.

The strangest moment of the evening for me came during the closing song. The entire group of girls and leaders stood together and sang. It's funny, I've been there watching her grow since the day she was born. I know she's growing up (she turned 15 in February) and I see examples everyday of how she's maturing. Yet, she is still my little girl. But tonight when she stood with that group, she was no longer the short, shy, young girl on the front row. Instead, she stood in the back row, taller than most of the other girls and leaders. She looked confident and beautiful and I know the younger kids look up to her.

Every so often I have those moments. You know those moments where you realize how grown up the kids are, or how few years they have left before they leave home, or how much smarter they are getting. My little girl only has three and a half years left of high school, she is halfway through the Young Women program, and has grown into a tall and beautiful young lady. It's exciting and wonderful to watch.

Meanwhile, I think I need to go count my gray hairs.


Autumn Ables said...

Oh, what a moment! I love this.

I have these moments too and it amazes me that I have been blessed yo be apart of Heavenly Fathers plan in bringing other souls to this earth experience.

Tristi Pinkston said...

My daughter is going in to Young Women's this summer, and I'm really suffering because of it. My baby! My baby! How did I get a twelve-year-old? And yet they will keep growing, no matter how often we tell them not too.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Autumn - It is such a huge honor to be a mother. Sometimes I can't believe they are turning out so well.

Tristi - They grow up so fast. I keep trying to figure out a way to keep them young, but at the same time, each age brings such great things. I look forward to seeing them grow.

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