Thursday, 6 March 2008

Change of Focus

Today was a quieter day than yesterday - good thing too. Once the kids I babysit were picked up by their parents, I took my youngest daughter to her ballet class (which is held in the basement of the library) and spent 45 minutes looking at books and choosing some to take home. Usually I just drop her off and pick her up later, but I decided to treat myself today.

This evening I made a dress, all I have left is the hem. I think it is the first dress I've owned since my brother got married five years ago. When I tried it on to make sure everything fit okay, my husband thought it looked pretty good but he especially liked the blue socks I was wearing with the black dress - never say I don't know how to make a fashion statement. I also found some nice fabric in my "stash" that will make a great skirt which I may even get done before I go to Utah.

Now if I can only find the time to get some Easter dresses made for my daughters. The dresses may be finished until a week or two after Easter, but as far as the girls are concerned, that's fine. Some years the dresses don't get done until July or August, so April would be a real improvement.

So I'm still not ready for boot camp at the conference, but I feel rather relaxed tonight. Sometimes it is a good thing to just have a change of focus for a while.

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