Thursday, 27 March 2008

My "Signature" Hair

The picture on the sidebar is quite accurate, enough so that at the conference people recognized me based on the drawing. I commented on this a few days ago, mentioning that I almost cut the hair off just before the conference. Michele commented that I should leave it because some girls would kill for long curls like I have (and sometimes I would kill to get rid of them). Tristi said they were like my signature.

I started thinking about how true this is. When I was born I had corkscrew hair, or as my husband calls it, squiggy. The only time I ever had hair remotely straight was after the birth of my second child. It's amazing how hormones affect everything, even hair. But after my third came along, the curl came back with a vengeance.

Once in a while, I'll straighten it, which takes way to long, but I love getting rid of the frizz for a day or two. There have been times when people ignore me with the straight hair because they don't recognize me. Once I approach them and say Hi, they realize their mistake, but I find it quite funny.

The most amusing incident happened a few years ago. My husband and I went out to dinner one Friday night. I had straightened my hair that day, and he looked good as always. We were sitting in the restaurant enjoying our meal when a friend from town came up behind us to say hello. Her blush indicated to me this wasn't just a normal "Hey, fancy meeting you here" type of greeting. She proceeded to tell us that she was there with her husband and two other couples we knew. They had spent much of their meal watching my husband out of the corner of their eyes and discussing how to deal with the situation. You see, the straight hair threw them. They thought he was out with another woman and were trying to decide whether to call me or confront him. I'm glad they chose the confront him option. I can only imagine trying to squash rumors of the other woman once they reached our small town.

So I guess it is a signature and I probably will keep it for the time being, at least to preserve our reputations and truth is, I usually can't be bothered to make appointments with the hairdresser anyway.


Annette Lyon said...

Count me in that number. I recognized you because of the hair, definitely! It was great to see you at the conference.

ali said...

LOL, I think this was pretty much the sum of our brief conversation Stephanie!

You really are beautiful - you have other 'signatures' too. Your picture perfect lips and large, sparkling eyes.

That story of the restaurant is really funny. Yep, rumors in a small town would fly like wild fire! Whew! Glad you dodged the bullet on that one ;)

Jennifer said...

Maybe you could change your hair by degrees. Cut off 4 inches or so for a month, then another few inches... I know what you mean about people only recognizing you by your hair. I saw an actress once (not in person, mind you) :) who had their hair up in a ponytail instead of in their usual style, and I didn't recognize them at all. I think your hair is beautiful, but I absolutely understand the desire to chop it all off. I've done that a couple times in my life. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Michele Holmes said...

Too funny! Sounds like a great scene for a book.

Karlene said...

That's how I recognized you at the conference. I really wanted to be sure and say hi. I told my daughter to help me find a woman with long curly dark hair. Bingo! :)

People know not to look for me by my photo. I change my hair style and/or color every few months. Plus I wear glasses but I was too vain to wear them in the photo.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Karlene, I'm so glad you did stop to say hi. Too bad it was so noisy and hard to talk. I keep wishing I could attend one of your blogging babes luncheons, but Canada is just too far away. It sure would be fun to get to know everyone. Maybe I'll beg for you to plan one when I am in Utah next.

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