Monday, 3 March 2008

Another Day

Today was just another day. Seemed like I went all day long but I feel like I didn't really get lots done. So here's my list:
  • washed and folded all the laundry for the week
  • babysat six kids: ages 16 months, 2, 3, 4, and two 5 year olds
  • gave one of the children a bath as she didn't quite make it to the bathroom
  • voted in our provincial election
  • wrote this blog
  • attended the weight loss support group I meet with every Monday evening @ 9:00 pm
  • researched topic to present to the weight group
  • made dinner
  • talked with my husband for a few minutes about my latest manuscript which he is reading
  • had family home evening (I gave the lesson)
  • exercised on the eliptical trainer
  • helped daughter make refreshments for family home evening
When I read back over it, it doesn't seem like much to me, and this is the only writing I worked on today. Sometimes I get frustrated over everything that must be done to the exclusion of the writing I want so badly to do. Of course, there were the moments when I was cutting chicken up for dinner and thinking about the next plot twist in my novel. And folding laundry while watching some old sitcoms led me to re-thinking some of the character names I've chosen that just aren't working. So I guess I did make a little progress.

I have to keep reminding myself - there is always tomorrow. Even though I have these days when I can't seem to find a spare moment and it seems like there is just too much on my plate, I look at the things I have written and how the pile does keep growing. It is all just part of the process of becoming published. Life will never become less busy, and I am learning how to fit the stories into the spare minutes I happen upon once in awhile. (I do have to admit though, I love those afternoons when I can lock myself away in the office and get some real work done.)

I always wonder how other writers find the spare minutes. (And no, 5:00 am is not an option. You should read the psychedelic stuff I write that early. I am SO not a morning person.) Despite the frustration, I am learning to squeeze the writing in at the oddest times, and slowly the words increase.


Autumn Ables said...

Line upon line.

At the ANWA conference they spoke of this very subject.

Something to think about that really hit me upside the head was a comment author, Heather Madder, made. She said that there is a time for everything. At this point you're in the writing stage and you will be done when your supposed to be done. Your book will be published when it is supposed to be and the right publisher will be there when it's supposed to be. Your work will touch the people you need to touch when it is time.

I loved this and gained alot of strength from it. Remember you are writing right now and that's what your supposed to do. The time is not ready for anything but.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes everything is just too overwhelming and I forget to look at the big picture.

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