Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cold Water and Computers

We are still on our vacation and having a great time. My youngest daughter said, "This is a great vacation and it just keeps getting better. And we have only been away from home two days!" Of course this was said while we were in a candy store and Grandma was letting each child fill their own bag of candy.

Staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house without any water was an interesting experience. We took "showers" for church by taking a gallon container of water that had sat outside in the sun for several hours, poured just enough over our heads to wet us down, lathered up, and then rinsed off. The water was freezing and I think my kids have a new appreciation for a hot shower. I know I do.

I took the time away from the computer to read the new "Writer's Digest" magazine and catch up on some of the reading from my summer list. I keep saying I need some alone time to try and get a little writing in, but I don't get very far with a pen and paper. I find I can never write as fast as I think. It always amazes me to think of Jane Austin, Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens, penning their stories in poor light without the aid of spell check and a printer. It really is marvellous that they wrote what they did, when they did. And I think I should never complain about having to do second and third drafts when I have access to modern tools. So as great as vacation is, I am looking forward to getting home to my own hot shower and my computer.


Shanna Blythe said...

I have really gotten used to using a computer as I write, but I do have to say that there is something very satisfying in choosing just the right pen and sitting down and writing on paper.

It isn't the same experience as a computer. I've noticed that I really enjoy writing on paper things that are going slowly for me. I don't get ahead and there is a satisfaction that I don't get with the computer.

That being said, I tend to do it less and less. About the only thing I write on paper anymore is my journal, but I still really enjoy the different experience!

Sounds like you did have a good vacation, even without hot water!

ali said...

Hi Stephanie! It's so nice to see your blogging again - I've missed it!

That is quite the experience with the dumping of water as a shower. Fodder for the flames? (the writing ones, that is)

And I totally agree on the long hand writing. I only write in my journal and I do that so little mainly for the same reason you said - I think way faster than I can write. I do sometimes get out pen and paper if I'm working through a story problem, then I will brainstorm on a pad. But it's so rare. I love how fast I can fly through ideas on the compututer!

G. Parker said...

I used to write everything on paper, until the invention of word I type so much faster and the thoughts come faster that it's frustration to write long hand. Why in the world does Grandma and grandpa not have water?? Sounds interesting...LOL

Stephanie said...

They think the well may have dried up. The guy who was to check it couldn't come until after we left. It was an adventure anyway :)

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