Monday, 23 July 2007

My Favorite Weekend

This coming weekend is my favorite holiday of the year. Oh sure, Christmas rates tight up there, but the last weekend in July is definitely the one I look forward to the most. For much of the LDS church, the 24th of July is the weekend we honor our pioneer ancestors. Maybe the reason our town's annual celebration is held on this weekend is because Magrath was established by in 1899 by Mormon pioneers sent to Alberta by John Taylor to help with the irrigation system in the area. My own grandparents were among those pioneers.

Pioneers aren't focused on too often during our celebration anymore. The town has grown to have an eclectic mix of religions and backgrounds and we try to include everyone. But whether we are celebrating our pioneer heritage or the fact that we belong to one of the best communities around doesn't matter to me. I love this weekend because there is so much to do and everyone comes home. Over the next three days, I will post an article about "Magrath Days" I wrote for our local newspaper a few years ago. I hope you enjoy.
Meanwhile, most of my writing time this week will be spent visiting with family, old school chums, and neighbors as I enjoy the town I call home.

(The first picture is "The Spirit of Alberta" marching band during the parade and the second picture is my oldest daughter performing Scottish Higland dancing during an outdoor program last year. I can't wait for this year!)


ali said...

What a neat connection for you Stephanie, thanks for sharing that.

I hope you have a grand time!

Candace Salima . . . the LDS Nora Roberts said...

24th of July is a celebration of perseverance, strength, courage, obedience and dedication. My great-great-great grandfather, Moses Harris, brought his family across the plains to Utah. It wasn't easy, he lost his healthiest son to the Mormon Battalion for awhile, but they made it. He went on to found the San Bernadino Valley and Harrisburg in Southern Utah. Just goes to show what you can do when you just follow the Lord and keeping moving forward.

Thanks for blogging about this, great topic!

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