Friday, 20 July 2007

Counting Stars by Michele Paige Holmes

Even though I am part way through several books on my Summer Reading Thing list, I wasn' t in the mood for any of them this afternoon and picked up the new book Counting Stars by Michele Paige Holmes. I finished it this evening and have to say that I loved it.

The story is about Jane, who is coming up on her 30th birthday and is still single. When she turns to the personal ads to find a date it ends up changing her life in ways she never expected. She meets Paul and his premature twins and agrees to become part of their lives. But don't think this is a happy ever after, formula romance. The story takes twists and turns that kept me flipping pages until I reached the end. Right until the last few pages, I couldn't predict who she would end up with. The book had a few cheesy parts as most romances do, but the last quarter of the book held me riveted, and I even had to go find the kleenex.

The worst part was the teaser for her next book at the very end. I want to read it now and it hasn't been published yet. But I will be first in line when it hits the shelves. Michele Holmes did a great job on her first novel and I hope there are many more to follow.


Karlene said...

Everyone I know who has read this book has really liked it. Even die-hard romance haters like me. :)

Julie Wright said...

Loved loved loved this book!!!! I so agree with you. Michele rocks!

Stephanie said...

My book club is a little resistant to LDS fiction. I think I am going to recommend it since everyone who reads it seems to love it.

ali said...

Great review Stephanie! I'm gonna check it out.


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