Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Sheep's_Clothing by Josi S. Kilpack

Sheep's_Clothing was one of my Summer Reading Thing choices. I read this book over the weekend and loved the story. It is great to read an LDS book about current topics. We are on the computer a lot in our house, so the subject of internet predators felt quite relevant for our family. It was interesting to me how the predator was portayed and how he worked his way into the life and mind of Jess. The point of view of the teenagers felt real. I can remember thinking and feeling similar things about friends and family when I was Jess's age.

I did find the first few chapters a little confusing as it switched point of view so often. But I soon got used to the writing style and enjoyed the book. It did seem that the problem was resolved too quickly and not enough attention paid to her experience being kidnapped. I think the point of the book was the danger of the internet for our children, and that was well addressed. And of course I loved that the book ended near Waterton Park because it is so close to home.I will recommend this book to others because I found it an enjoyable read.


ali said...

Thanks for the review Stephanie!

Karlene said...

I liked this one too. A lot of us are reading this one in for Summer Reading Thing

Candace Salima . . . the LDS Nora Roberts said...

Josi Kilpack always addresses time critical issues in her books. This one, internet predators, is so prevalent to our society because the sheer invasiveness into our lives and homes. Thanks for reviewing it. I haven't picked up a copy of this book yet and now I will.

Marsha Ward said...

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