Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Making Time

I've been doing so much reading in the last week, I haven't made any real time for blogging, or anything else. Yesterday, the kids got a snow day. We woke up to temperatures of -28 C with a windchill of -35 C. Today we found the temperature had dropped to -34 C and at that cold, who cares what the windchill is. The snow keeps falling, providing a beautiful view of undisturbed drifts in the backyard. It's been perfect weather for staying in, wrapping myself in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate nearby, and burying my nose in a book. I also took a little time and filled the kitchen with the warm aroma of fresh banana bread.

Even though I'm getting lots done, I still struggle with feeling like I don't do enough. When I get caught up in a book, whether I am writing it or reading it, other things tend to get left behind. I always wanted to be the kind of homemaker who without fail provides nutritious and delicious meals for her family every night. The other day I made a nice meal and one of the kids asked what the special occasion was. I try to feed my family a balanced and varied diet, but we do end up eating the same old dishes more often than I'd like.

Then there are all the projects I've planned for myself. Last weekend we finally got the Roman blinds I made hung in the windows. Once I figure out what sort of valance I want to go with them, and get it made, I'll post pictures. But the fabric for the blinds sat around the sewing room for months before I got to it, so I wouldn't count on a valance anytime soon. I also need to get to work on the quilt I'm making for my step-son and his fiance. The wedding isn't until June, but June will be here before I know it.

All the different aspects of my life will continue to compete for attention, and I'll continue to get things done bit by bit. The trick is trying to balance the right amount of cooking, sewing, family time, community involvement, church work and writing. Sometimes it seems like the writing should really come last on the list, but there is that nudging voice that won't let me do that. It's good to have a family who is so supportive me. And even if we eat the same thing every night for the next year and the window treatments never get done, they think it is great that I take the time to put my stories on paper.

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Joe said...

Hi Stephanie.

Thanks for your posting today on my blog. Nice to have a visitor so soon.

First I want to whole-heartedly commend you on your decision to be a SAHM. You are awesome. I've been blessed to have a wonderful wife who is the same, now with our 5 week old son.

I'm pretty sure I've posted to your blog before, but I did want to thank you for the inspiration that caused me to start my new one for writing. Too long have I allowed the days to turn into weeks and months with no progress on my single (for now) idea. My hope is that if I just start writing, new ideas will start coming to me.

That said, I would love to have any tips or advice you'd like to share. I'm trying my best to be a sponge.

Wonderful blog. I'd like to incorporate various aspects of it (from a concept point of view) into mine.

Thanks again,


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