Thursday, 31 January 2008

Beyond the Horizon by Judy C. Olsen

"Six men. Six journals. Six stories. The saga of the Madigan men begins with a mob on the shores of the Grand River in Missouri, in the day of Joseph Smith, and seamlessly transitions through time and place to the struggles of today's world.

An unbroken chain from the past into the future, this is the story of six men. Each a man of determination. Each a man of hidden strength. And each a man of his time. They were . . . the Madigan men."

This book reads is like a collection of six short stories all connected by father-son relationships. Each generation deals with different issues ranging from differences of religion, progress, and rebellious children. Each man realizes his faith is what helps him get through his trials.

I enjoyed the stories in this book and found it interesting to read the different challenges each man faced. I thought the author, Judy C. Olsen, focused on some of the real issues in each time period. The characters were well-developed and the writing was easy to read. There were times when I was a little disappointed that each segment was so short and wished the author had developed each man's story into it's own book. This is definitely a book I will recommend to others.

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