Monday, 16 February 2009

They Do Exist!

I've been trying to get together a critique group for months now. To start with, I put up a poster at the local library and then I waited. After several weeks with no response, my husband thought I should advertise further afield. I considered it, but always felt like there had to be other writers here. Maybe they were in the same spot I was several years ago where writing was something never to be shared with anyone for fear of being laughed at.

After three months of having my poster up with no response, I decided maybe he was right. Then the responses started coming. No one called, but several people approached me at church, or work and asked if they might be a good fit for the group. It seems my theory was correct. They almost seemed ashamed to want to talk about it.

With a little encouragement, each person opened up and told me about the projects they were working on and within a week, I had formed a group with six people. Not only that, I held a separate meeting for my son, daughter, and some of their peers who like to write. We read several pieces at our first meeting, and I heard a lot of talent there. Both groups have decided to meet twice a month. I'm just guiding the youth group, so I only have to get new work written for the adult group. I can't wait to really get going on this.

So even though I wondered if I was the only writer in my town, I've finally discovered there are others. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

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Pink Ink said...

That's great! Kudos to you for being the lightning rod, so to speak, for your group. It sometimes takes just one brave soul to help others come forward.

I say brave, coz yes, I've been in that same boat, where I was too shy to admit to others that I wrote fiction. But when I opened my mouth after an RS activity over a year ago, I found two other ladies whom I now do a writer's group monthly.

Have fun!

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