Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm so excited for the newest baby in our family. My baby sister had her second baby two days ago and I can't wait until I can get down to see them. I love babies! They are so fresh from God and bring such a wonderful spirit with them. I love to just sit and hold them and talk to them. They grow up so fast, I sometimes miss the babies my children used to be. I guess now I get to start looking forward to grandchildren.


Christine Bryant said...

What a cutie. Congrats...Auntie.

Jenn said...

How precious! That little girl is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could pick her up and feel her velvety skin and drink in that new-baby smell.... Now that my youngest is 3, I'm into the serious baby-hungry stage. Could you tell? :)

Karlene said...

What a sweet little angel!

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