Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I've saved the things I love the most for last...

My youngest daughter always brightens my day. Even at eleven years old, she is still my cuddly kid. I look forward to her hugs and those moments when she just wants to curl up next to me as we read together. I love her silliness and her ability to laugh at anything.

My oldest daughter has always been the child I relate to the most, probably because I see myself in her. She is highly creative and musical. I love listening to her sing. I especially admire her desire to do the right thing and treat people well.

My son is extremely bright and I love to talk with him and hear his ideas. I learn from him every time we have a conversation. Even though he is almost fifteen, he still comes to me once in a while and tells me he needs a hug.I love that too. I love that he still needs me, even though most of the time he tries to pretend he doesn't.

I've saved my Valentine for last. My husband makes my world complete. Without him to pull me along and cheer from the sidelines, I would be dreaming of my dreams rather than pursuing them. I love his ability to feel empathy for others and his willingness to serve. He often puts the needs of his friends and neighbors over his own. I don't have to try to imagine life without him, as it took me many years to find him in the first place. Every morning I wake up, glad that we have another day together, and excited to discover the adventures life has in store for us.

Words really are inadequate to explain how much my family means to me. I love them so much. Without them life would be a lonely and scary place, and every day, I hope they get some glimpse of how important they are to me, because they are my whole world.


Rachelle said...

I agree! We're so lucky to have good family and your family is lucky to have someone like you. :)

Nichole Giles said...

Great post. Happy Valentine's Day.


Kimberly said...

How heartwarming! I'm going to go hug my girls now...

Homesteading said...

I am reading through Kim's blog roll and was lucky to stumble upon your post. I really enjoyed reading it and felt inspired to go kiss my hubby and children. Thank you for that. I have sadly been needing reminders lately.

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