Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back on Track

I've spent the last week reading the manuscript of a friend and fellow blogger. It's been great to work on and hopefully the comments I've made will be helpful. More importantly, it's been helpful to me.

For Tristi's challenge this month, I signed up with the intention of editing my current WIP. The first day of January came and went. My excuse for not starting anything was that we were still having holidays. That excuse carried on for about five days. Then I had to work at the school a few days. Basically I was just having a hard time getting my mind back on track.

Then I started working on this manuscript. As I read through someone else's work and notice things, I make little notes to myself. There are things I read that need to be fixed and I know if I check my own work I'll find the same mistakes. It seems to be so much easier to find the errors in someone else's writing. That is why it's so good to have others read your writing before you send it out to the publishers.

So it's all been good. I'm back on track, I'm almost ready to send the manuscript back to my friend and mine should be ready to get out to readers before the end of the month. It feels great to finally be out of my funk and getting work done again.


Josi said...

Yes, editing other people's work is a great way to improve your own writing. You see their weaknesses, but also their strengths close up and you learn how to form the words necessary to help them understand your thoughts. Powerful stuff. Good luck getting back in your groove.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yeah for getting back on track!!

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