Thursday, 25 October 2007

They Grow Up Too Fast

I've read a few blogs today that have got me thinking about motherhood. I was horrified to read about this woman who says she regrets having children, wrote a book on it, and even gave copies to her two kids. Of course, motherhood isn't always pleasant, but I've never regretted having my three children or even marrying into three step-children.

There are many days I just want to hide my head in the sand and pretend all the responsibilities and expectations are gone. But there are more days when my children bring me joy. They are intelligent young adults. They are caring, sensitive and responsible and I know I can trust them to make good choices.

I would never give up any moment I've had as a mother. Right from the first time I held each of them in my arms until the moment I held each of them for just a minute before they went to bed this evening, motherhood has been an incredible ride. I've learned so much about sharing, having fun, and being a family. I've learned about pain, forgiveness, patience, and love.

My youngest daughter brought home the proofs for her school pictures today. She is in grade four, but in the picture she looks so much older. My other two children are both significantly taller than I am and love to tease me about it. It has occurred to me that if my baby is ten years old, and she goes to university before she turns twenty, I am on the downhill slope. It won't be long before I start sending my kids out into the world to make their way, and I will need to learn how to be an empty nester. Even then, I will still be learning and growing as a mother.

I read the article and felt sorry for the poor woman who wrote it. She's really missed the point. One thing for sure, I love my kids. If I anything about having kids makes me sad, it is that they grow up too fast.


Mandi said...

I read the article to, and was astonished at her cold indifference to motherhood, and the fact that she felt she needed to persuade others against it. I truly feel this is the best calling in my life, and I wouldn't trade my children for anything.

Ajoy said...

Oh, so horribly sad. Satan...I really hate him sometimes. He really has a hold on so many of us. More of a grip on some.

I will keep her in my prayers that her heart will learn the way of our Father in Heaven someday.

Sue said...

" If I anything about having kids makes me sad, it is that they grow up too fast." Completely. I would love to freeze dry my children so that they never get older.

Her poor children.

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