Friday, 26 October 2007

I Love Primary

This afternoon we held a practice for our ward primary presentation. It is always an interesting experience, trying to get all those rambunctious children to sit still long enough to really understand what we are trying to do. Of course, none of our teachers came, so we (the primary presidency) were sadly out-numbered.

The oldest children sat in the back row of the choir seats. There are a few rather energetic boys in that age group. No matter where we sat them, every time we looked up, they seemed to be in different spots. The same age group also has some rowdy girls. They didn't switch spots, they just kept disappearing altogether.

The middle ages actually were very well-behaved and sat quite well through the practice. Now the youngest group was another story. With no teacher there, they were everywhere -- under the bench, over the bench, on other children, and in the hallway. At one point I had to stop two four-year-old girls from stepping over the backs of the benches, going row-to-row in the chapel.

Then the president left to go pick up the secretary who was home making fresh cinnamon rolls for the kids. That left the other councilor and myself even more out-numbered. Not five minutes after she left, her three month old baby (who was supposed to be sleeping) woke up and started fussing. So with one arm I held the baby, with the other arm I helped lead a song the children were singing in a round.

Despite all the craziness, the practice went fine. Even though they were wound up today, put them in their best dress clothes on Sunday, set them in front of their parents and it is amazing how well they do. I truly love the kids we have. But I do have to say, I am glad our primary has a mere 45 children. I can't imagine doing the same thing with the 150+ kids my sister has in her primary. The thought makes me shudder.


Ajoy said...

My heavens, what a day. I've been in a primary presidency twice myself- I know those practices seem like the children were never taught one good thing from us! Then the performance they give on Sundays was near perfection. Their angelic voices ringing through the chapel and into my heart. :)

I get glimpses of why our Father loves His little ones and wants us to be more like them.

Sue said...

We just had our primary program. We DO have a huge primary. My daughter cried and cried because they wouldn't let the littles (she is four) sit on the stage. She wanted to be on stage.

Tristi Pinkston said...

We had ours right before General Conference, and I was so proud. My 8-year-old, who hates doing anything in public, actually said his part. This is the first time ever. I almost cried.

Annette Lyon said...

Now that I'm not in a Primary presidency or teaching a class, I love the program day. I get to sit quietly with my husband for once and watch other adults wrestle with my kids!

Don said...

No teachers? That's just not right! Hopefully they showed up for the program.

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