Monday, 29 October 2007

Being Prepared

My dad has decided that once a month, he is going to gather any of his family that live close by and have a family council to discuss emergency preparedness. With hurricanes, fires, and other happenings in the world, it seems like a great thing to do. We spent a couple of hours last night discussing where each family is in their preparations and where we all need to improve. All of us have done a few things but we all have a long way to go.

I need these pushes once in awhile to get me thinking in the right direction. Our goal this month is to work on our 72-hour kits. At one point I had kits made for my family, but the mice got into them, I didn't fix the problem when it happened, and we are back at the beginning. (I hate mice!) The trick is to pull all of the different lists together and decide what will be the best thing for us. I guess it's always a work in progress and there are always new things to learn about the best way to put these kits together. And most importantly, I need to find a better place to store them, away from the mice.


Maria Zannini said...

Having lived in hurricane territory for so long, that's something the was ingrained in me. Two years ago we got hit by Hurricane Rita. Just about devastated us. The tree line still looks like it got a bad haircut.

But bug-out kits are great. I usually keep two kinds; a backpack, if for some reason the car breaks down and we have to be on foot, and a plastic box with handles. It carries heavier or bulky supplies (like canned goods). This is strictly for car travel.

Don't forget to carry copies of important papers and prescription drugs too. And if there are babies or old people, their special needs have to be addressed as well.

Good reminder post, Stephanie. I'll have to check mine tonight.

Don said...

One tip - put paper things in plastic baggies. Many disasters involve water, and keeping your kits dry is essential.

Plus, you might end up storing them next to a water softener that will decide to spring a leak. That's what we did.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Stephanie, I did a silly. Can you help me out?

I lost my sidebar. Could you go into your template, copy me the code for the LDS ring, and e-mail it to me? I'm at

Thanks in advance!

Christy said...

Hey Stephanie,
I've enjoyed lurking on your site, silently reading....I'm looking forward to someday actually reading one of your stories. As far as the 72 hour kits go, I put our food items and matches etc. into a #10 can and Dry Pack sealed it. Then they were waterproof, rodent and bug proof. Just don't forget to attach a manual can opener to get into them. Then i threw the can into a backpack with a change of clothes etc. The only down side to canning it, is that i've tended to not rotate it...time for an update.
Your silent reader sister-in-law.

Shanna Blythe said...

That is so cool. I only think about emergency preparedness when there is a talk about it at church or some activity related to it. We really need to get 72 hour kits put together, but it is just something we NEVER think about.

Thanks for the reminder!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Glad to be a reminder. We all need the little extra push once in awhile. (Okay, I need it more than once-in-awhile)

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