Saturday, 30 June 2007


I didn't do any writing today. Instead, we took our family and went with some extended family to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta. (Here are some of the pictures we took) This is one of my family's favorite places to go. There is a river to play in with a nice sandy beach and well-kept picnic and camping areas. But the best part are the "Hoodoos". They are sandstone formations that are incredibly fascinating. The kids love to hike in them. (They make for a great game of hide-and-seek.)

We were pleased to arrive today and find that the brand new interpretive centre was finally open. It is a beautiful building with lots of interactive displays explaining how the rocks were formed and even more interesting to me, how the native people, especially the Blackfoot tribe, revered the area. We learned how they believed the area was home to many spirits and other interesting stories about the area.
After lunch we went for a 3.6 km (about 2 mile) hike through hoodoos in part of the park to see some old Indian carvings on the rocks. I was already planning on featuring this location in the next book I am working on, so visiting today really sparked my imagination for the things I want to happen there. Even though I didn't actually put any words down, my mind is working over time, and as with everything else I do, I will write about it in the end.


ali said...

What a neat place Stephanie. I'd like to see something like that some day.

I'm looking forward to whatever your story might be that would involve such a place like that!

Stephanie said...

It really is spectacular. Let me know if you ever come this way.

Karlene said...

That looks like such fun. Does anyone ever get lost?

Annette Lyon said...

What a cool place! Fun that you're writing a scene there.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

The area goes on for miles, but really isn't very wide. I've never heard of anyone getting lost. You just find a high spot and you can get your bearings easily. We wouldn't let the kids play there if we felt there was any real danger of losing one of them.

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