Friday, 22 June 2007

The Summer Reading Thing

Karlene is hosting a Summer Reading thing that sounds like lots of fun. Click on the logo if you want more information or if you want to sign up. I read all summer anyway, but it will be fun to check out what everyone else is reading and maybe discover a few new favourites. (I confess right now that I have never read Pride and Prejudice) I tried to pick a variety of books for my list and went to the LDS bookstore yesterday to pick up Sheep's_Clothing by Josi Kilpack. I am excited to start this one, but I have to put it aside as motivation to finish the book I am already reading. Here is the list...

1 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - J.K. Rowling

2 – Counting Stars - Muchelle Paige Holmes

3 – Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin

4 – The Life of Pi - Yann Martel

5 – Sheep's_Clothing - Josi Kilpack

6 – I Heard that Song Before - Mary Higgins Clark

7 – No One Can Take Your Place - Sheri Dew

8 – House of Secrets - Jeffrey Savage

9 – New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

10 – The First Year - Crystal Liechty

11 – What the Dead Know - Laura Lippman

12 – The Princes of Ireland - Edward Rutherford

13 – The Preacher’s Daughter - Beverly Lewis

14 Kissing Frogs - Sharlene Hawkes

(Books in purple are the ones I have finished)


ali said...


I read all your posts - you have a great flow to your writing, I like it! I bet one day you WILL be nominated for the Whitney and you'll win it sooner then you dare to hope.

You can do this!

As for your personal story ... I think you should share it, if you don't mind sharing it. I think as a writer, almost everything we write is highly personal, it's all stuff from our lives, in one way or another. And, I think most of us write because we want to bring something new to the table, something that will lift, encourage, strengthen, guide. Maybe your very personal story would be the catalyst for someone else's growth and happier days. Share!

hugs and good luck on youg blog!
ali :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ali. I suppose we think our own stories are boring until we start writing them down and seeing the poetry in them.


Jennifer said...

This summer reading thing is a great idea. I belong to two book clubs, so my biggest reading goal is to keep up with reading those two books each month. :)

As a matter of fact, I don't think I had ever read Pride and Prejudice (or else it was so long ago, I didn't understand it) until it was picked by one of my friends to read for book group. Wonderful book, by the way.

Happy Reading!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I didn't read Pride and Prejudice because I was too stubborn. Everyone said I HAD to read it without really being able to tell me why it was so good. My sister finally talked me into watching one of the movie versions last year, and I enjoyed it, so I am hoping the book will be even better.

Jeff Savage said...

Having read 2,5,6,9,10, and having a vague brush or two with 8, I can tell you you have a lot of good reads ahead of you. One of these days I need to read P&P too, say the women can't talk over my head.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

Yes, I hear number 8 is a great read.

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