Monday, 18 June 2007

Digging Deep

I just finished writing a story. Nothing new about that. The difference this time? I reached deep into my own personal experience and pulled emotions I am still trying to deal with right to the surface. I wrote it in an hour and didn’t think much about what I was really saying. It wasn’t until I finished and let my husband read it that the tears flowed. Here were the things I’d been trying to say for 18 months. The things that I almost feel not allowed to think because of my beliefs.

So now it is on paper and I need to make the decision. Is it too personal to share. Was the writing experience in this case a cathartic way to deal with grief? Because I am a writer, I write, I submit, and I wait for the response. This is no different. I wonder what other emotions are percolating deep inside trying to get out?


The Astle Family said...

Hi Stephanie,

I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a knack for writing. I love writing too, I find it very theraputic. Most things I write no one will ever read, and that's okay with me. I suppose after I'm dead and gone, my kids will read my journals, and have insight to what I was going through. They will have some "aaahhha" moments!! I find writing about personal experiences is like therapy for me. No one can tell me that I'm wrong, or silly, or stupid for feeling that way. Often I'll write in the heat of the moment, reread it later and think... sheesh, I was a little out there, over the edge. But, I think if I hadn't written about it, it would stay bottled up inside like a geyser waiting to explode on some unsuspecting and undeserving victim (usually either my husband or my kids). So, whether you write to be published, famous and rich, or as therapy, just write!! Look forward to keeping an eye on your blog!
Love, Carla

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Carla, I think from your comment you have a knack for writing as well. Your kids will treasure those journals someday, so keep writing them.

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