Thursday, 18 September 2008

Now What?

So I didn't get the job. It came down to me and one other person. How depressing to come in second place.

Okay, I'm over that now - no use dwelling on something I can't change.

Now what? After the phone call this afternoon I had a brief panicky moment until I reminded myself that things always work out somehow. Now I'm researching this idea I have and trying to figure out if it will work.

On a happier note, I sent a query letter to an editor on Monday and had a request for the full manuscript an hour later. That's kept me happy all week, despite all the other worries. I had it in the mail a few hours later and now I wait.

So life continues on despite my uncertainty about the future and what it holds. But there is always something exciting around the bend. I just wish I knew what it was.


Don said...

Ouch - second place is so hard. Early in my career I tried desperately to get out of a job I hated, and at least a dozen times I would come in second (or third if there were two openings, fourth for three, etc.) It's encouraging to be so close and yet so discouraging not to make it.

But Hooray! on the requested full. That's a very positive sign.

Heather B. Moore said...

Keep at it! You never know--maybe that first place person won't work out and they'll be calling you in a couple of weeks. Good luck.

Pink Ink said...

Sorry about the job. I like the saying, when a door closes, a window opens. And congratulations on the request for full. Good luck!!!

Kimberly said...

Congrats on the manuscript request - that's fabulous! Good things are a'comin'...waiting for surprises can be so maddening though!

Josi said...

Bummer about the job, kudos on the manuscript request, and applause for replacing the fear with faith. Best of luck.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. You're right about the waiting for the response on the manuscript. I'm never very good at waiting for anything.

ali said...

Stephanie! I'm sorry I've been so out of touch that I had no idea you were going through all of this. I wish I'd been a better friend.

I'm really sorry you didn't get the job. I'm super intrigued by your 'idea' though and hope you can pull it off!

I agree with you though, that if you're faithful and put your trust where it belongs ... good things are bound to happen. Heavenly Father will take care of you.

In the meantime ... hugs to you! I'll make sure to check back more often so I can keep up on what's going on with you.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks, Ali. Missed you...good to see you here again. I really just need to pull myself up and get back to work at the things I know need to be done. I haven't had this much time to myself in years. I should take advantage of it and catch up on a few things...

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