Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I Want to Get Off...

There are days when I wish I could stop everything and start over again. Hand me a clean calendar, with no expectations from anyone and total freedom to schedule my days. That sounds like a piece of heaven.

I'd start by writing in all the things I need to do to stay healthy - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There would be a time to study my scriptures, time to exercise, and time to prepare healthy and delicious meals. And time to write, since it is such a basic part of who I am.

Then when I know I am taken care of, I would write in the times for my family. Time to teach them, play with them, and just be with them. There would also be time for church service. But already, the calendar is looking full. And I need to be able to stop and refuse to add any more.

Unfortunately, life doesn't allow me that luxury. I need to be everywhere at once and I need to me so many things to so many people. It's overwhelming and frustrating much of the time. Usually when I try to simplify, the things I do for me are the first to go and I notice the lack quickly. It's important to fill our own buckets before we try to fill everyone else's.

As always, I'm looking forward to summer when we can all recharge our batteries. A few more weeks and we can relax the schedule a bit. Extra-curricular activities slow down to a minimum and we just enjoy the season. The two months of summer vacation are just enough to make me glad to get back into the routine when school starts again in the fall.

But right now I am counting down. Highland dance ended last weekend...10... Final band concert tomorrow night...9... Ballet ends this Saturday with a final recital...8... Step-son's wedding on Saturday...7... Soccer playoffs for two kids...6...5... Last school council meeting for the year...4... Last library board meeting of the year...3... School ends on the 26th...2...1... and we are home free. Until then, I'm just trying to hang on to what's left of my sanity.


Annette Lyon said...

I have SO been there. I love the idea of taking a blank calendar and filling it in like that. If only!

We're already into summer vacation this week, but it started off with a bang--two sick kids. woohoo.

Jon, Wendy, Riley, Chris, and Jo said...

I love love love to read your blog.
Your are such an awesome mom!
Being too busy can be tough but sad are those who are bored.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I'm sure we're all there more often than we want to be.

Glad to have you stop by, Wendy. Wish you were closer so you could really stop by.

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