Saturday, 28 June 2008

A Closer Look Tag

Here is a fun tag from Josi. It was entertaining to do and hopefully interesting to read, or look at.

1. My Kitchen Sink - The kids did the dishes. They do a pretty good job.

2. Inside My Fridge - It always seems to full, but I think I inherited the "I can fit at least one more thing" gene from my great-grandmother. Usually fresh vegetables and fruit take up most of the room. And yes, one of the vegetable drawers is broken.

3. My Favorite Shoes - I wear these most of the time.

4. My Closet - Yes, I have one of those standard little closets with the bi-fold doors. But someday I'll have a walk in...maybe. Not sure if I really want to do the renovations to get it.

5. The Laundry Pile - Today is a good day to look here. But wait until Monday when the kids all bring their dirty laundry down. It'll look like this again Tuesday morning.

6. What My Kids are Doing Right Now - The girls are doing the dishes. (The youngest cleaned the sink). A few minutes later my son got home from soccer practice. It's pretty hot out there. I think that is his fifth glass of water.

7. My Favorite Room - This is probably my favorite because it is usually the cleanest and has the most comfortable furniture. My laptop is on the couch and I sit there quite often and work.

8. My Most Recent Purchase - All those cedar chips on the flower garden. The weeds were taking over and the old chips were nearly gone. Now the lavender and the rest of my herbs are happy again. (Most of them are still too small to see in the picture.)

9. My Fantasy Vacation - Someday I'll go to Scotland. If my oldest daughter gets her wish, we will go in three years when she graduates from high school and attend some highland dance competitions.

10. Self-Portrait

So there you have it in a nutshell. More than you ever wanted to know about me. I think I'll tag Mandi, Amy, and Ali. Have fun girls.


ali said...

Bwahahaha. When you said you'd tagged me I THOUGHT maybe it was for this (I'd seen that Josi had recently tagged you.)

Oh joy oh bliss. Well fine. But I'll take my own darn time to do it.


No, really, I'm thrilled you tagged me.

BTW, I love the pics of your kids - so homey and warm seeming. I think I'll probably copy you on the dream vacation - that's where I want to go too. And I love your au naturelle look. You're beautiful.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Well, I took my time doing it, so I guess that's only fair :) It was actually kind of fun although my family thought I was pretty strange. (Nothing new about that.)

As far as the au naturelle look, that is the norm around here. I don't get out too often so makeup and hair just seem to take up time I could be using for other things. At least my husband doesn't mind.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Okay, if you missed the first self-portrait, my husband insisted it disappear. Apparantly it looked nothing like me. I tried to convince him that is what I see in the mirror every day, but he doesn't believe me. So he cut himself out of a picture from our son's wedding and that is what the rest of you get to look at. It really is a better picture anyway.

Jenna Consolo said...

You're darling! LOVE your new cedar chip pathway. Looks so tidy! Great meme! I loved Josi's too, so it was fun to see yours.

Josi said...

This is just a dang fun meme--thanks for participating. Now, tell me how it is you get your kids to do dishes and do them well? You drug them, right? Or threaten torture? Money?

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks Jenna.

As for the dishes, they have been doing them since they were old enough to stand at the sink. I guess by now they just know it is expected of them. It's much better to get them done than to have mom griping at you.

The Savage Family said...

I'm doing the tag right now. I like it. It's lots of fun. Have fun veiwing!

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