Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Most Patient

Unusual for me, but I think I can finally claim to be the most patient - at least when it comes to getting published. Don't get me wrong. I think about it and work toward it and check my telephone and email messages every time I get home from work, hoping to hear something from the latest publisher looking over my book. But I also understand it takes time. Lots of time.

Everyone else is about to drive me crazy. Since they don't get the time factor no matter how often I explain it to them, I get asked everywhere I go about the book. My chiropractor asks every time I have an appointment whether the book is published yet. My visiting teachers want to know when they can buy it. And others ask why I haven't heard from anyone yet.

I wish I knew a publisher wanted it. I wish I had a release date. I wish I could tell them all it is at the local bookstore and I'd be happy to sign a copy for them. Meanwhile, I'm working on the next one and trying not to think too much about my other baby in the hands of a faceless editor. But who knows, maybe I'll hear something tomorrow.


Rebecca Talley said...

You're exactly right--it does take time and only writers truly understand the time it takes, and the work it takes, to get there.

Don't give up, though. Your time will come. Just be . . . patient (sorry, couldn't resist).

BTW, you're much braver than me, I never admitted to anyone that I wanted to write until after I had a book published.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for the encouragement. As for telling people I write - my husband does that for me as do the few people I've asked to read manuscripts for me. The rest is just the product of the small town rumor mill.

Josi said...

Oh, I so did that Stephanie. I checked the voice mail everytime I came home or finished vaccuming--afraid I hadn't heard it ring. I watched for the mailman, would pick up the phone to make sure it still had a dialtone. Every single day for months and months. I thought about it first thing every morning and last thing every night. And then, one day there WAS a letter in the mailbox. The rest is now my story. Your working on a book but you're also living your own story. Hang in there!

The Savage Family said...

So much luck to you with it! We will be up there next week for a few days. A last minute trip...yea! I won't even ask about it unless you tell me to. I'll just say we are eager to hear and good luck!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Josi, I just hope this part of the story doesn't go on too long :)

Hey sis - you're coming up! Yay...can't wait. (Can I give you a little shopping list?)

Annette Lyon said...

So been there! Our family doctor knew I wrote, so for years and years, any time we went in, I was asked about how things were going and I had to talk about my latest rejection or the current wait. It was lovely.

Of course, now he asks about when my next one is coming out. These stories CAN have happy endings! Crossing fingers for you!

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