Saturday, 22 November 2008


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"January 11, 2005: A massive storm rages throughout the western states. Angry, churning water spills over the banks of the Virgin River, already at twice its’ normal capacity, resulting in what will become known in the area as the flood of the century.

When Carmen Anderson returns to the tiny town of Prosper, Arizona that she fled as a teenager, she has no idea that a devastating storm is on the way.

While struggling to get to her teenage daughter, who is stranded in the small town by flood waters, Carmen realizes that her biggest challenge lies in facing the secret that has been locked away in her heart for the past fifteen years –
a secret that has kept out a family who loves her, and the man who would do anything to be by her side."

Here is a fun and easy contest from new author Suzanne V. Reese. Her book sounds like an interesting read and I can't wait to get a copy and read it myself.


Suzanne Reese said...

Hey Stephanie - this looks great! I've entered you in the drawing for the Amazon Gift Card. Thanks so much!

Marsha Ward said...

Wow, was that the flood that took out so many homes in St. George? Good job putting it into a novel just a few miles away, Suzanne.

Suzanne Reese said...

Yes Marsha, that's the one. It was fascinating to watch on television. Then it really hit home when my neighbor's house got 5 feet of water in the basement a few months later. I got a lot of inspiration (especially about the chill factor) while working with the neighborhood to clean it up.

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