Sunday, 26 August 2007

Office Space

I didn't do any writing yesterday, but I sure worked hard so I can get more writing done. We have a spare room that has functioned as an office, a bedroom and a catch-all for things that don't have a home. We moved the main computer out into the family room when the kids became old enough to beg for internet time. So the spare room became a place where it was better if the door remained closed.

I have tackled the room before. We set up it up for an older computer that I used as a second office where I could work. That was only partially successful because the monitor turned out to be flaky. I could work maybe half an hour before the screen would fade to black and have to be shut off to cool down. So again, the room turned out to be storage for just another item we didn't use.

My husband gave me a laptop for my birthday so I could be portable and also not have to compete for computer time with the rest of the family. I spent Saturday, making a home for the laptop. I moved the old computer out of the way and cleaned off the desk. I hung up some cork board and a white board. On the other wall I hung up several certificates I have that remind me that I can have success in this crazy writing world. Written on decorative pieces of paper and stuck right in front of my nose, are quotes that inspire me to reach for the stars. This is my fovorite thing about the space. Whenever I feel discouraged, I look up and the first thing I see are these reminders not to give up.

So now, whenever I have a few minutes to myself I can escape to the clean, organized office and work in the quiet. Of course, tomorrow night, my step-daughter will use the bedroom portion of the room. That is why it is great that laptops are so portable. At least the room is clean.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Oh Stephanie, I have GOT to get my office clean. We're in the process of taking the library, transferring it downstairs and making the library upstairs a bedroom.

Oh the mess! You inspire me.

Karlene said...

Been there. Still doing that. I feel your pain. But the relief and the inspiration that comes when your done is worth all the effort.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Inspiration is right. I just want to hang out in there now. My husband is skeptical. He is sure it won't last. He's probably right. I tend to leave projects out and about until I am finished with them.

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