Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Why Am I Doing This?

I think all the creative ideas fell out of my brain some time ago. Not sure when it happened or how, but right now, I'm sure there is an empty space where I used to keep all my writing thoughts.

Too many times in the last little while I've opened up this blog feeling like I needed to say something, but ended up shutting down because nothing came. Maybe my life is just too boring. Maybe I feel like my silent audience doesn't really care if I continue. Some bloggers refuse to post again until they receive a certain number of comments on the last post. Some bloggers ask their readers for questions and then blog the answers.

But it's really not just the blog. The rest of my writing is suffering too. It's quite frustrating. Three days ago, I determined I should quit. Never write again. Not waste my time pecking away at the computer and wondering if my time could be better spent elsewhere.

A few ideas are floating around my head, but nothing is sticking. I do know it's temporary. I'll keep pushing forward and something will click. The creative thoughts I'm missing will return and be stronger than ever, but for now I just can't seem to get it together. Somehow though, I know the next book is in there somewhere. Waiting to get out. I just have to find it.


Barb said...

I check your blog almost everyday. I love to hear about all the exciting and mundane things you are doing. This is my way of keeping up on how things are going in the Wild West. Don't stop writing!

Maybe you need a change of scenery. Ontario is beautiful in the summer (hint hint). Especially in August when your nephew gets home from his mission.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I'd love to come to Ontario, but am taking a van-load of kids to EFY in Rexburg the first week in August. After that, it's all a matter of funding. Don't have any :) We keep trying, and someday we'll actually make it out to visit you.

The Savage Family said...

I love checking your blog! The creative juice will start flowing're just in drought. Do we get to see you in August too? Yay!

Don said...

The doldrums are no fun. Hang in there!

Noble M Standing said...

I'm coming in here late but I want to give you a friendly *HUG*. I know it's hard and the adversary wants us to give up and hide our tallents instead of developing them.

I know when I get frustrated the first thought through my head is to stop writing. And sometimes I entertain it more than I should.

Your WIP is at 85,000 words Holy Cow! my finished MS isn't even that long. You go girl and hang in there. It'll get better.

BTW in my desperation I have created an online crit group. (You know about rural) Are you interested in joining? we had a few members drop out and need a few more. If so leave me a comment at my blog (either one) and I'll get back to you.

Pink Ink said...

I've been there before Stephanie. Don't give up your dreams, but maybe taking a break is not a bad idea either. Sometimes, I have to fill my tank of experiences to be able to write, ya know?

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