Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another Day at School

Many times when I sub at the school, I'm bored silly. I can see the value of having educational assistants in the schools - especially for the kids that really need the extra help - but as a sub, there is often nothing to do, just lots of sitting and listening to classes that were boring 25 years ago and haven't changed. One teacher asked me last week when the last time I used sin, cosine and tangent applications. I smiled back at him and said, "high school". Math interests me even less now knowing that I haven't used most of it in 20 years.

Today was a pleasant boring as I sat outside and watched a grade seven class play kick ball. Still hard to stay awake, but how wonderful to feel the warm sun on my back, hear the birds sing and breathe the fresh spring air. Did I mention I am really glad to see the snow finally gone? I'm sure we'll get a good spring storm at some point, but I'm going to enjoy the sunshine when I can get it.

To beat the boredom, I've learned to take a notebook with me when I sub in the high school. There are lots of moments when I can take a few notes, jot down story ideas or even do something as mundane as make a grocery list. School is a gold mine of characters and ideas. A few teachers know I'm a writer and always ask if I am busy writing them into my next book. I just laugh and shrug. You never know.

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Ali Cross said...

Stephanie this was funny. Funny to be asked about the math and stuff--nowadays with even your cell phone having a calculator, you really DON'T need all that math we complained that we would never need, lol! That was one time when we were RIGHT as kids! :D

And funny about the writing the interesting people you meet at school into your books. HAHA if they only knew, right?

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