Tuesday, 9 December 2008

This 'n' That

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. It's been eight interesting and wonderful years. He keeps us all laughing and takes such good care of us. I love him more all the time and can't wait to see the interesting things we get up to this year.

I can't believe how close Christmas is. Every day the kids remove another day off the advent calendar and I get a little more worried about getting everything done in time. Somehow I always manage though.

The sewing room is filled with projects. It looks like a fabric snowstorm in there, but everything is organized in piles and it is slowly but surely getting done. I told the girls I would make them Christmas dresses and that has added more than I planned on. Usually they both opt for simple, but this year they are looking at fancy, which is so much more fun to do, but much more time consuming. The girls and I have also been working hard at some other crafts for Christmas presents. If I can get everything done, I'll post pictures.

I haven't started much in the way of baking, but I did make fudge tonight. Usually it is easy and delicious, but some years it doesn't set properly. I'm still waiting to see if this is one of those years. If it doesn't set, I guess the kids will really enjoy it on some ice cream.

The kids are trying to figure out when we can take them shopping. Everything has been so over-booked this December that we are having a difficult time finding the right time. I still haven't even done the grocery shopping for the month. I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow and then the baking can begin in earnest.

Funny how all those things add up to make for a busy, crazy month. I sometimes sit down and wonder how to simplify everything so we can actually relax a little. The truth is, I enjoy all the sewing projects. I only do such a wide variety of baking at Christmas and the kids look forward to it. They are also getting big enough to take over some of those projects. My biggest problem this year is not knowing what to get the kids. That's right. Two weeks until Christmas and I still don't know what to get the kids. I'm hoping inspiration will hit soon.

And just for fun, I took the "Blog Readbility Test" - genius, I have my doubts, but I'll take it.
blog readability test


Josi said...

I so admire your ability to sew, I've always wanted that talent, but never worked on it. And I love the baking of Christmas too--it's one of my favorite parts.

Don said...

Fudge! Now maybe that's something I need to add to our activity list.

And I'm sure the Genius label is correct, since I read your blog all the time!


Pink Ink said...

I'm trying to not think of how many days are left...

Happy Anniversary!!

Annette Lyon said...

Do post some pictures of your craft gifts--they're the best kind!

ali said...

I totally hear you Stephanie! And guess what? I'm signing up for sewing lessons on Saturday! I'm not sure which class to sign up for, but I think I'll go with the dress slacks. I really don't want to learn to make dress pants, but I thought it would offer me the most information ... how to follow a patter, how to fit a pattern to you (or someone) and how to put in a zipper and button. Wish me luck!

And congrats on the Genius rating! You ROCK!

Janette Rallison said...

So not only are you a super mome you are also a genius. (I haven't even started writing my Christmas letter . . .)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Josi, I know how to sew because that was one of the best ways to spend time with my grandmother. Good memories.

Don, fudge is definitely something we won't do without at Christmas, and probably one of the easiest things I make.

Thanks Pink. I'm still trying not to count the days. I'm about a month away from where I usually am and I'm looking at a few very late nights.

Annette, pictures to come...

Ali, good luck with the sewing. If you can master pants, you can master anything.

Janette, certainly no super mom here, just a super stressed mom. Most of the sewing I do because I can make the finished item cheaper and better quality and my kids are hard to fit sizes.

Still haven't done the grocery shopping yet (is that why they tell us to have a food supply put aside?) and so far my son isn't getting anything for Christmas except a robe which isn't even cut out yet and two books. What do you give a 14 year old boy? I'm heading to town this afternoon and not coming home until I find something...

Jenna Consolo said...

Happy Anniversary! How interesting that the Nielsen's (Stephanie and Christian of the plane crash and the NieNie Dialogues?) also celebrated their 8th anniversary on this day.

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