Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Keeping it Real

Josi at What is a Sundial in the Shade? gave me an award on Monday. It is an award for bloggers who "keep it real". She gives a great explanation for the award and why it is named for Marie Antoinette, so I'm not going to try to say it better. Here is what she said about me:

"I really enjoy Stephanie's blog because she also blogs about real, every day life, but the more I read, the more depth I find. I assumed for the first few months that she had lived a very typical, traditional life. Then I discovered a twist, and then another one, and then another one. It's intriguing to me that she does not simply put it all out there at one time, rather it's all just part of the life she lives. She also has an inherent goodness that reminds me that being good is strong--I need those kinds of reminders in my life and her posts always do that for me."

I'm not sharing this to blow my own horn, but because it made such a difference to me. I keep things as honest as I can, even though I don't share the names of my family, or pictures of them, I do blog about them occasionally because they are my life and they influence what I write and if I write. I'm also fairly open about my life, past and present, because I can't talk about my struggles, goals, and dreams without exploring the experiences that have made me the person I am.

Since we are talking about keeping it real, let me share some of my recent thoughts. Starting a blog took a huge leap of faith for me. I remember wondering if anyone besides my husband would read it. It never occurred to me that I might make friends through my writing and find support from others who understand the bizarre inner workings of a writer's mind. Imagine my surprise when I attended the LDStorymakers conference last year and had so many people approach me and want to say hello because they recognized me from the blog.

Despite all the positives, I've been wondering if I should keep it up. Lately, life has almost plowed me under a few times and I've had a difficult time getting back on my feet which is silly since the most recent upset doesn't begin to hold a candle to other incidents. Even the title of the blog makes me feel like an impostor since I haven't written anything for too long.

There are days when I wonder if anyone reads what I write. There are days when I wish I was one of those blogs with many comments everyday. Then there are the days when I am completely honest with myself and admit, I write this for me. The writing gives me an outlet and the few comments I get are enough to keep me going. The friends and contacts I've made are invaluable.

Then there are days like Monday. Josi's comment made my day and actually brought a tears to my eyes. I needed to hear what she had to say. And if even one person, appreciates what I have to say, I guess I'll stick around.

I'd like to pass the award onto ali at Girl in a Whirl. She is another blogger who says it like it is and I always appreciate what she has to say. I've missed her lately as she recovers from eye surgery, but I can't wait to hear more from her in the new year.


Annette Lyon said...

Well deserved award. I hope you get over the slump soon. Definitely keep writing.

Josi said...

I'm with Annette, keep writing and remember there are seasons for all things. This might be a season to not write--I just got over one of those and it was really hard, yet in hind sight I can see that there just wasn't room. I believe that in time the Lord will reward you for keeping your priorities straight, which might mean that the writing suffers. You'll overcome it, I have no doubt.

Melissa said...

What a nice compliment, and truly heartfelt and fitting. Keep it coming Stephanie, you have a gift for creating beauty, both with your hands and with words. The world needs more beauty.

Marcia Mickelson said...

Those were very nice things that Josi said and you deserve them. I like reading your blog.

ali said...

Hi ya Stephanie!

Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for passing the award to me. It means so much, especially coming from you - a friend I've come to know through your blog that has extended to real life. (I was one of the ones who said "Hey I know you!" because there is obviously only one YOU and I knew you from here!)

I also really appreciated what you said about your blogging. I can totally relate. I'm sorry you're feeling down about your writing, but I agree with Josi - there are cycles in all things, right? You'll get into the groove of your new life and find a place for writing in it.

Thanks for being here, for continuing to blog - even if it is just for yourself and ME, lol.

Hugs and THANKS!

Pink Ink said...

Hi Stephanie, I am taking a break from blogging myself. Occasionally (like now) I will comment on other blogs. :-)

I still haven't found the balance I want...which is to have a blog that is not "work" and will not sap my creative energies. It's different than anything I've done for "publication" because I get immediate feedback as opposed to fiction or nonfiction articles for that matter where you slog away for a long time without much feedback unless you are in a writer's group.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope you find the balance you need. Don't feel obligated to fill your blog with words if you don't feel like it! And yes, writing is a season, and now it's your season to gather material and grow :-)

I can't wait for Storymakers myself and re-meet fellow bloggers like you.

Jenna Consolo said...

Hey Stephanie! I tackled your question on my blog today...hope it's helpful! Thanks for giving me a shot!

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