Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Summer Book Trek Wrap-up

It has been a busy summer of reading. My list grew as I became involved in blog tours and read reviews on other blogs. As always, I enjoy a reading challenge and found myself reading a variety of genres and styles. It's a good thing I read quickly as my reading list is always growing. Here are some questions from LDS Publisher about the book trek.

1. How many fiction books by LDS authors did you read?


2. Did you read more than you would have read if you hadn't participated in this book trek?

3. Did the reviews posted by other participants influence which titles you read? How?
-Yes. I love getting suggestions from other readers.

4. Did the Whitney awards influence which titles you read? How?
-No. I had already read all the Whitney nominees.

5. Did the many, many virtual blog tours that happened this summer influence which titles you read? How?
-The virtual blog tour influenced me because I was involved in many of them and ended up reading books I might not have picked up otherwise.

6. Did you finish all the books you had planned to read? If not, why?
-No. I didn't get to the Red Dragon Codex because I am waiting for my youngest daughter to read it and she isn't quite as fast as I am.

7. Did you discover any new authors whom you now love?
-Yes. I'm really looking forward to more by Janet Jensen and Stephanie Black.

8. Did you nominate any of the books you read for Whitney awards?

9. Would you be interested in another LDS themed reading challenge either this winter, or next summer?
-I love any reading challenge.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Stephanie! I had fun reading your reviews. I hope to see you on the next challenge.

BTW - love your blog background. How did you do that?

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks Danyelle.

There's a link for the background site on the top left corner of my blog.

Queen of Chaos said...

How fun it must of been to read all these cool books! I think it's cool you've found two new writers you are interested in reading more from. :)

Hopefully, your books will be on a Summer Book Trek someday!

PS} I read the below post. I totally know how this gal feels and you. I struggle as well. I just can't help but think that we are needed. Father in heaven needs us for something bigger, grander and I believe that with all my heart when it comes to LDS writers. So keep going! I will too...

Janette Rallison said...

Hey Stephanie, great interview. Let me know if you want to be a part of my blog tour!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for the encouragement Autumn.

Janette, I'd love to be part of your blog tour.

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