Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Soccer Mom Fake

I spent three hours tonight watching the soccer games of two of my children. Here's my confession. I'm not athletic, I don't mind watching the games but often find my mind wandering. Tonight I tried to stop multi-tasking for a little while and just focus on the game. Besides the fact that the bleachers were uncomfortable, I enjoyed turning the brain off.

So I guess I'm a soccer mom fake. I don't care whether they win or lose, or whether they made a goal. For me it is about seeing them have some fun and get exercise. The kids once asked me why I don't cheer out loud. I told them I am just not a loud person and certainly not comfortable yelling at the team during a soccer game, but inside my head I am cheering louder than all the other parents combined. Besides that, my husband cheers loud enough for both of us.

I guess that's why I like to write. I'm not always good at talking to other people, but when I write, it is much easier to say exactly what I am thinking in exactly the way I want to say it. And all the characters in my head cheer me on in their own quiet way.


Don said...

Don't you know, we're all just a bunch of phoney-baloney's in mommy and daddy suits. The secrets out, and I've given up worrying about it.

The Savage Family said...

Moms always cheer the loudest, whether out loud or in their heads. It's our perogative.

Josi said...

I'm with you. In fact, I too often embarrass myself by cheering for the kid running the wrong way or making a shot after a whistle. And writing is a great place to make up your own cheerleading squad that things you're awesome! It's nice to know ourselves

Queen of Chaos said...

HAHA! Too funny and cute, Stephanie. :) I am right with ya.

I apologize for not coming by more often and reading. It's been that way for several other peoples blogs i enjoyt to read as well. {I guess I'm saying the famous 'it's not you- it's me' line!}

I do love you and your blog...I will try harder to be a better blog friend! I'm crazy busy..that's my excuse and unfortunetly I have to stick to it.

Rebecca Talley said...

My kids do theater so I just cheer at the end of the play :)

Mandi said...

You know who did such a good job playing the guitar last night at Papa's house - it was like she has been playing for years! I can't believe how big she is getting!

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