Thursday, 6 December 2007

Roaring Children

This is one of those days where I wonder if my brain is still working. I'm sitting here staring at the keyboard hoping some great burst of inspiration will hit me and I will be able to write an amazing blog. Truth is, there are are days where I wonder if there is anything out there other than kid's shows and diapers.

My own children are all in school, but today I had six extra children. I spent the day changing diapers, fixing lunch, and trying to keep everything under control. The latest thing is roaring. They run around the house playing lion or monster and roar at each other. Even the one year old baby has a pretty good roar. By the time my children arrive home from school, I long for peace and quiet. The noise level only increases after three because all the little kids I babysit think it is great fun to play the monster game with my teenagers. And the teenagers encourage it.

Doing my own unscientific studies, I've determined that kids absorb the energy in a room, leaving nothing for poor, unsuspecting adults. Most of the time I feel tired just watching them. When the children are in the house, there is lots of laughter and fun had by all, but by the time everyone leaves and my kids go to bed, I want everything to be quiet. Even the stories in my head are too loud sometimes. This poses a real problem when I sit down in the evening to write or blog.

So I've decided that I need to figure out a way for the adults to suck the energy out of a room. I can only imagine how interesting a day would be if I could absorb all the available energy and get all the unfinished projects done, prepare wonderful meals, and write a bestselling novel. All while the little ones, smile calmly, sit quietly, and without energy read a book. And there would be no roaring.


Kimberly said...

If you come up with a device that accomplishes that feat, patent it quickly. You'll be rich.

I'd buy ten just to have extras on hand.

Rebecca Talley said...

Me, too. I'd buy a bunch. Wouldn't it be nice to even have 1/4 the energy that kids have?

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I just wish I could get them to use their energy for more productive things, like cleaning their rooms and weeding the garden.

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