Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Month at the End of the Money

It's a common problem. Most people I know suffer from it at least a little. In our house, we are finding that the month at the end of the money seems to be growing.

We tend to be frugal here and when I try to think of ways to cut back even more, I draw a bit of a blank. We shop at second hand stores as much as possible, we eat very little prepared food, and we don't go out often. I suppose I could feed my family more beans instead of the cheap cuts of meat we usually eat, but I've never been successful there. Somehow, I'm the only one eating those leftovers.

So the next option is mom finding a job. Subbing at the school last year helped, but it just didn't quite fill the gap.

Because we live in a little town, thirty minutes away from the city, employment options close to home are quite limited. Ideally, a full-time aid position at the school will open up but until that happens I have to look at other options.

It is so important to me and to my husband to have me be available to the kids and home as much as possible, that our solution has to be somewhat creative. Hopefully with the little bits here and there, the month end and money won't be so far apart. So here it is. . .

First, I'll keep working at the school as often as possible. Hopefully when a position opens up, they will already know me and I might have a chance of getting the job. Then there is the place where Rick works. His boss has been asking if I would be available to pick up some hours here and there doing warranty returns. That's only five minutes from home, so that's okay.

The one I'm the most hesistant to step back into is sewing again, but I do have the ability and there always seems to be some demand for it. After sewing for so many years I suffered some severe burn-out. The three year break I took leaves me ready to do some more. Besides, my oldest daughter will be graduating next year and will want a grad dress for that. I need to refine my skills again so she can be the belle of the ball. I'm also working on getting some products up on I'll let you know when there is something there. So I guess this is me hanging out my shingle again.

"Seamstress for hire."


Josi said...

Best of luck, Steph. I'm glad there are some good prospects out there, but I understand how intimidating it can be. Another idea for you is to start doing some article writing, just one or two a month. Not only will it bring in a little money, but it will allow you to build up your portfolio a bit at a time.

Good luck!

Don said...

Yeah, unfortunately I know this feeling all too well lately. Hope your prospects come through for you.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks guys. Things always seem to work out in the long run. I'd love to do article writing, but always feel at a loss with where to start. I'll keep working at it though.

Amy Savage said...

You're amazing! Good luck with everything. I think you should put those journals up on etsy. I love 'em!

Barb said...

I know how you feel. For 15 years I got up at the crack of stupid to deliver 300 papers so that I could be a stay at home mom. I feel Zach has missed out on a lot since I have gone back to work full time.

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