Wednesday, 4 March 2009

There and Back Again

It's funny how the best laid plans can change in a moment. I intended to work on my first chapters and read for the Whitney's on Saturday. Sunday I'd hoped to do some proofreading on the emergency preparation manual my dad is putting together for the sake. Monday and Tuesday would be back to the reading and writing or subbing at the school.

Instead I spent the weekend driving for fourteen hours to the B.C. coast for the funeral of my great aunt. The main reason I went was to be an extra driver for my aunt and uncle. I didn't know my aunt well but is was nice to reconnect with some cousins I hadn't seen in years and meet a few new ones.

It also provided me with the opportunity to do a little research for my WIP. Most of the story takes place in Alberta, but there are a few scenes that take place along the highway we took and on the coast. I appreciated the chance to get a good look at the scenery. I also had lots of time to sit in a car and try to think about plots and character development - didn't come up with a lot of answers, but I was traveling on little sleep and skipping meals.

Anyway, I did manage to get one Whitney book read during the trip and another read today. There were a few more from the library waiting for me when I got home. So now I plan on curling up on my couch for the next few days and catching up on my reading. It's the best kind of work.


Don said...

A research trip would be nice. I kept trying to get myself to Hawaii again, but no dice.

Josi said...

No experience is wasted on a writer, eh?

The Savage Family said...

Glad you could make it out there for the funeral. Good luck with the reading list! Can't wait to hear which books you recommened. I refer to your lists when I need a good book. Thanks!

Nakabunot Kay said...

I believe that every waking day is a learning experience for all of us. It's nice to know that even if you have missed reading and writing, you spend your time on research and thinking on your plot. That is the best thing to do. I am a coursework writer and as much as possible, I spend ample time reading and researching. Writing comes next. If I'm a little tired of doing coursework jobs, I shift to writing essays. I prefer to write about relationships. This is to avoid writer's block. Goodluck with your reading and please do share a list of the good books. Thanks

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